Cede Was the First Game Anyone Gave Me Foliage for at a Convention

Often when we go to events like PAX East, getting swag is usually par for the course as you tend to get handed things like t-shirts, buttons, pins, the occasional freebie copy of the game and whatnot. Checking out Cede was the first time someone gave me a plant to take care of when I got home. Specifically, they gave me an Air Plant, which I got a lot of advice on how to care for it on social media. (Plants die in my care, so we shall see how low maintenance this one truly is.)

Moving on to the game, a lot of the gameplay falls into the idea of level maintenance as your character and the others who join you along the way are basically defeating enemies and bringing lush greenery back to the environment that's covered in darkness.

Cede Was the First Game Anyone Gave Me Foliage for at a Convention
credit//BareHand Studios

I didn't get through much of the demo as I took the game as a kind of Gauntlet scenario where everything black had to be eradicated before I could move onward, and I could see a lot of others playing the game the same way I did. That being said, it was good fun that I could see myself enjoying a lot. We were told it might be coming out sometime this year, but nothing was officially confirmed at that time. Visually, though, it is something to keep your eye out for.

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