Cyan Reveals They're Developing The Game Myst For VR

Yesterday during the Facebook Connect event, developer Cyan revealed that they're developing the classic game Myst for VR. For years the game has captivated and intrigued PC players as they have been exploring the island and all of its secrets for nearly 30 years. Now you'll soon be able to experience it in VR as the company are turning the classic game into an experience for Oculus. This version is built from the ground up to play in either VR or flatscreen PC so players who don't have VR can still get the experience. It will be released first as a VR-only title on the Oculus Quest, with the PC version (which will include 2D and support for additional VR hardware) to follow. However, we have no details on a release window at this time. You can read more info about the game below from this week's announcement.

Now you can explore this freaky puzzle island in VR, courtesy of Cyan.
Now you can explore this freaky puzzle island in VR, courtesy of Cyan.

"We've been waiting for the stars to align to create a VR version of Myst – and I'm so excited to announce that alignment! Myst has always been about creating a world to lose yourself in, and VR takes the Myst   experience to an entirely new level. It's an almost magical experience for me, after so many years, to wander around the Ages of Myst and truly feel transported! We hope it will be for you, too," says Cyan CEO Rand Miller.

Visit the starkly beautiful Myst island, eerily tinged with mystery and shrouded in intrigue. Explore the deeper connections and uncover a story of ruthless family betrayal. Including new art, sound, interactions, and even optional puzzle randomization, the highly anticipated modern, definitive Myst experience has finally arrived! Like never before you can now be a part of the surrealistic adventure that will become your world!

  • The Quest Platform version of Myst (VR only) will be released first.
  • The PC version (2D & support for additional VR hardware) to follow at a later date.
  • Myst will release to additional platforms following the Quest Platform & PC releases.
  • Myst is fully redesigned and created from the ground up using Unreal Engine.
  • Many of the puzzles have been reimagined and engineered to include optional puzzle randomization and enhanced accessibility.
  • Myst will initially be available for $29.99 USD on Quest Platform.

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