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Myst Developers Announce Definitive VR Version Coming August 26th
Cyan Worlds announced today that they will be bringing the Definitive Edition of Myst to standard and VR consoles on August 26th Now you can experience the puzzle-filled mysterious island all over again in a brand new way as you can explore everything in a beautifully rendered VR environment Will you be able to solve[...]
Cyan Reveals They're Developing The Game Myst For VR
Yesterday during the Facebook Connect event, developer Cyan revealed that they're developing the classic game Myst for VR For years the game has captivated and intrigued PC players as they have been exploring the island and all of its secrets for nearly 30 years Now you'll soon be able to experience it in VR as[...]
RealMyst Switch-1
Cyan Worlds revealed today that they will be bringing RealMyst: Masterpiece over to the Nintendo Switch next week The company let fans know that they can pre-order it starting on May 14th, while the game itself will be released on May 21st in North America and Europe During the pre-order time, the game will be[...]
Myst is being adapted for television, courtesy of Cyan.
Considered by many one of the most revolutionary video games of the 1990s, Myst is set to be adapted for television courtesy of X-Men: First Class writer Ashley Edward Miller The production comes courtesy of Village Roadshow Entertainment Developing the pilot, Miller acts as showrunner if ordered to series She previously wrote and produced other[...]
The World Video Game Hall of Fame Announces the 2019 Finalists
All twelve finalists were chosen for their impact on the world of gaming and pop culture. The 12 finalists are: Candy Crush Centipede Colossal Cave Adventure Dance Dance Revolution Half-Life Microsoft Windows Solitaire Mortal Kombat Myst NBA 2K Sid Meier's Civilization Super Mario Kart Super Smash Bros Melee "These 12 World Video Game Hall of Fame finalists span decades, gaming platforms, and countries of origin, but what they all[...]
In case you love the game Myst and would like to play it on something a little more modern that doesn't make the game feel laggy and bothersome, you're in luck! The game's developer Cyan Worlds is gearing up to re-release the entire Myst catalog sometime this year. The company has a new post on the[...]
Developer Cyan Worlds has teased something is on the horizon with seminal title Myst to celebrate its 25th anniversary, although it is not clear what. Myst has remained a big part of gaming's history When the game landed, it was a phenomenon, even hitting the mainstream at a time when video games weren't often seen breaking[...]
'Obduction' Debuts With A Brand New Launch Trailer For PS4
Depending on what sources you read, several people have been referring to Cyan's latest title Obduction as a spiritual successor to Myst, only with the VR element firmly in place To celebrate the game's debut today, the developers have posted this brand new release trailer for you to enjoy You can currently snag the game for $30[...]