Dauntless Will Make Dauntless Available On Both Next-Gen Consoles

Phoenix Labs announced this past week that they will be bringing Dauntless to both the PS5 and Xbox Series X on day one of both launches. The company posted a new blog featuring a letter from the CEO and co-founder Jesse Houston about the transition to next-gen. As well as the plan for both current and next-gen console players to be able to play together regardless of the system. We have a snippet of the info below while you can read the full details at the link above. This is a smart move for the company with so many games getting delayed due to COVID-19, having a game like this ready right out the gate with a built-in playerbase is something both consoles could use.

Dauntless arrives on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X this week. Courtesy of Phoenix Labs.
Dauntless arrives on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X this week. Courtesy of Phoenix Labs.

Community Playtests

A major step towards greater transparency is our recently introduced Dauntless Experimental server. Dauntless Experimental is a powerful tool to get Slayers' feedback on content we may add to the game, giving you the opportunity to share feedback with us before new game features are set in stone. We just showed off how gliders will work in our new hunt type: Hunting Grounds, and we're currently sorting through all your feedback now. There will be even more public playtests to come; we want to hear from you early and often.

"State Of The Game" Posts & AMAs

You can also look forward to frequent State of the Game posts on Reddit. Here we will share thoughts on and insights into each patch and what we're currently working on, which we'd love to discuss with you in the comments. We will also be doing more AMAs around large feature releases such as new hunt types, events, Escalations, etc. so be sure to follow us on Reddit.

Dauntless Roadmap Updates

You may have noticed that our latest Roadmap update added more descriptive text. Our aim here is to go beyond "what's coming" by sharing additional info about where features are in the development process. We will be providing clearer, more substantial updates as we move forward.

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