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White Xbox One S console and controller from Microsoft.
The news was confirmed by The Verge as the company had slowly started haunting production on certain models back in 2020 when they officially launched the Xbox Series X, but continued to produce popular models as some couldn't get their hands on the next-gen console or simply wanted to buy the older model for cheaper[...]
SCUF Gaming Launches Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller
SCUF Gaming has released a new gaming controller with the first wireless performance game controller for the Xbox Series X|S Dubbed the SCUF Instinct, the controller has been designed to give you all the capabilities of the standard controller you're used to with the customization and additional performance enhancements the company is known for to[...]
Yes, Xbox Will Be Releasing The Xbox Series X Fridge
But this time around it is the genuine article as they have decided to make a mini-fridge that looks exactly like the Xbox Series X. I wonder how much storage my soda will have now… Courtesy of Xbox Game Studios. To be blunt, we don't really have any details on the fridge beyond what you see here[...]
HyperX Adds Xbox Series X|S Support To Some Of Their Gear
Keeping in line with that, the company recently revealed that they have added supports for the Xbox Series X to their ChargePlay Duo, giving owners of the charger from the Xbox One the ability to use it on current controllers The product was tested and approved by Microsoft so that they could guarantee compatibility with[...]
Bionik Unveils Several New Next-Gen Console Products
Bionik revealed several new products on the way this week coming to both the PlayStation 5 as well as the Xbox Series X The company said the new line of items was specifically designed to tackle problems that gamers have cited in the current line of next-gen consoles, and with any luck, will help alleviate[...]
Over 70 Games Are Getting An FPSD Upgrade For Xbox Series X
This morning, Xbox revealed that they are upgrading several titles with an FPS update for the Xbox Series X Over 70 games have been given the upgrade today with no one particular studio getting any more than the others it seems, as they've spread the upgrades across the board A quick sampling of what's on[...]
Electronic Arts Announces EA Sports PGA Tour For Next-Gen Consoles
Electronic Arts revealed this morning they have a new golf game coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S called EA Sports PGA Tour The game is currently in development and the team doesn't have anything to show just yet, but they revealed that players will be able to build a virtual career and experience everything[...]
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Will Include Cloud Gaming For Free
Courtesy of Microsoft. Reports have suggested that Microsoft is planning to upgrade the Xbox cloud streaming servers from Xbox One architecture to Xbox Series X architecture over the course of this year, and we may have started to see some of the fruits of that labor Trusted sources recently sent us this screencap from the Xbox[...]
Microsoft Reveals Their Own Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset
The goal of which is to offer the best-in-class audio and chat performance specifically designed for the Xbox Series X/S, but will also work well with the Xbox One The headset will be made available on March 16th for $100, you can read a snippet of the info below along with a trailer showing it[...]
Square Enix Confirms Marvel's Avengers For PS5 & Xbox Series X
The first step toward seeing what's to come happened today as we now know the game will release on PS5 and Xbox Series X on March 18th, 2021 What's more, that release will come with new content in the form of Hawkeye: Future Imperfect You'll be getting a new hero in the Clint Barton version[...]