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Dauntless Launches New Update For Latest Infinite Radiance Season
Phoenix Labs has released a new update for Dauntless which has officially kicked off the latest season called Infinite Radiance Update 1.6.0 will be released this evening at 11pm PT, adding a ton of new content into the game and giving players a brand new season worth of challenges and rewards to dive into We[...]
Dauntless Launches Frost Escalation With Latest Update
Phoenix Labs unleashed a brand new update into Dauntless this week as Frost Escalation has been added along with a new Hunt Pass The technical name being 1.5.3 adds in a ton of new content along with the new Realm of Ice Hunt Pass, as well as a new threat for Slayers to face off against in[...]
Dauntless Will Make Dauntless Available On Both Next-Gen Consoles
Phoenix Labs announced this past week that they will be bringing Dauntless to both the PS5 and Xbox Series X on day one of both launches The company posted a new blog featuring a letter from the CEO and co-founder Jesse Houston about the transition to next-gen As well as the plan for both current[...]
The Dauntless Dark Harvest Event Returns On October 26th
You can read more about it below with some screenshots, and we have the finer details here. Best of luck against this in the Dark Harvest event, courtesy of Phoenix Labs. Each day in Dauntless from October 26 to October 30, you can track down a new Unseen lore node in Ramsgate that'll offer clues leading to[...]
Dauntless Launched The Untamed Wilds Update This Week
Phoenix Labs released a brand new update into Dauntless this week as players can now experience the harsh wilderness in Untamed Wilds The update brings in a bunch of new content, which we have a description of from the game below But it also marks the start of the next Hunt Pass, Strange Horizons You'll[...]
Phoenix Labs Releases The Clear Skies Update Into Dauntless
Phoenix Labs released a brand new update into Dauntless this week as players can now experience the content from Clear Skies The free update dropped on all three consoles and in the Epic Games Store, giving players access to a fully reworked sword kit, new combos, a special attack gauge, upgrades to Umbral Escalation, the[...]
Dauntless Will Launch The Call Of The Void Update On June 11th
Phoenix Labs have revealed that the next update to Dauntless called "Call Of The Void" will be dropping into the game on June 11th This is going to be a massive content update that will throw in a bunch of new challenges such as a gauntlet, an evolving narrative, a training area for people to[...]
Dauntless Scorched Earth Hero Art
For those of you looking for more content to play in Dauntless while you're stuck at home, good news, Phoenix Labs added the Scorched Earth update This one comes with a ton of content, which was thrown into the game last week Which includes a bunch of weapons balances, quality of life improvements, and a[...]
Phoenix Labs Announces They've Been Acquired By Garena
Phoenix Labs, the developers behind the co-op action RPG Dauntless, has announced they've officially been acquired this week by Garena In case you've never heard the name before, Garena is the digital entertainment branch of Sea Limited, which is a global consumer internet company located in Singapore According to the announcement made last night, the[...]
"Dauntless" Launches Its New Frostfall Seasonal Event
Phoenix Labs have launched their latest Frostfall event into Dauntless, and with it comes a lot of additions and challenges for you to try You can start a brand new holiday contract right now, with a second and third one coming on December 24th and 26th, respectfully These contracts bring the legend of Silver Kikola[...]
"Dauntless" Will Be Throwing A Thanksgiving-Like Event
Phoenix Labs have decided to hold their own in-game event to celebrate Thanksgiving, sort of, withing the world of Dauntless The event is called Ramsgiving, and it will run from 10am PST on November 26th until 10am PST on December 3rd The short version is that you'll be competing in events trying to obtain a[...]
"Dauntless" Launches The Dark Harvest Seasonal Event With A New Patch
Phoenix Labs will release a brand new Dauntless update this coming week, bringing the Dark Harvest seasonal event to the game along with the Haunted Shadows pass The event will kick off on October 31st and run until November 5th The event itself will start with the Unseen once again stirring in Ramsgate, as Slayers[...]
Phoenix Labs Officially Launches The "Dauntless" 1.0 Update
Earlier today, Phoenix Labs properly announced that the 1.0 update to Dauntless was launched into the servers for players to download The game may still be technically sitting in Early Access, but with 15 million players, they're sure treating it like it's been released Along with cross-platform support, the new update adds in the seasonal[...]
The "Dauntless" Collectors Edition is Absolutely Stunning
Phoenix Labs and Indiebox put together an absolutely stunning Collector's Edition for Dauntless that includes a massive behemoth statue, an art book, and a steelbook for the game's soundtrack Since Dauntless never got a physical release, the steelbook contains two discs for the game's soundtrack, a decal, and a code for the Aetheric Armor set[...]
"Dauntless" on the Nintendo Switch
As Phoenix Labs confirmed, all versions of the game are essentially the same code, so it would make it untenable for the Switch edition to launch with a delayed content cycle. The biggest problem with the Switch port is connectivity While the Switch is a handheld console designed to be taken on the go, Dauntless requires an[...]