Dauntless Will Launch The Call Of The Void Update On June 11th

Dauntless Will Launch The Call Of The Void Update On June 11th

Phoenix Labs have revealed that the next update to Dauntless called "Call Of The Void" will be dropping into the game on June 11th This is going to be a massive content update that will throw in a bunch of new challenges such as a gauntlet, an evolving narrative, a training area for people to[...]

Dauntless Scorched Earth Hero Art

"Dauntless" Releases The Scorched Earth Update

For those of you looking for more content to play in Dauntless while you're stuck at home, good news, Phoenix Labs added the Scorched Earth update This one comes with a ton of content, which was thrown into the game last week Which includes a bunch of weapons balances, quality of life improvements, and a[...]

Phoenix Labs Announces They've Been Acquired By Garena

Phoenix Labs Announces They've Been Acquired By Garena

Phoenix Labs, the developers behind the co-op action RPG Dauntless, has announced they've officially been acquired this week by Garena In case you've never heard the name before, Garena is the digital entertainment branch of Sea Limited, which is a global consumer internet company located in Singapore According to the announcement made last night, the[...]

"Dauntless" Launches Its New Frostfall Seasonal Event

"Dauntless" Launches Its New Frostfall Seasonal Event

Phoenix Labs have launched their latest Frostfall event into Dauntless, and with it comes a lot of additions and challenges for you to try You can start a brand new holiday contract right now, with a second and third one coming on December 24th and 26th, respectfully These contracts bring the legend of Silver Kikola[...]

"Dauntless" Will Be Throwing A Thanksgiving-Like Event

"Dauntless" Will Be Throwing A Thanksgiving-Like Event

Phoenix Labs have decided to hold their own in-game event to celebrate Thanksgiving, sort of, withing the world of Dauntless The event is called Ramsgiving, and it will run from 10am PST on November 26th until 10am PST on December 3rd The short version is that you'll be competing in events trying to obtain a[...]

"Dauntless" Launches The Dark Harvest Seasonal Event With A New Patch

"Dauntless" Launches The Dark Harvest Seasonal Event With New Patch

Phoenix Labs will release a brand new Dauntless update this coming week, bringing the Dark Harvest seasonal event to the game along with the Haunted Shadows pass The event will kick off on October 31st and run until November 5th The event itself will start with the Unseen once again stirring in Ramsgate, as Slayers[...]

Phoenix Labs Officially Launches The "Dauntless" 1.0 Update

Phoenix Labs Officially Launches The "Dauntless" 1.0 Update

Earlier today, Phoenix Labs properly announced that the 1.0 update to Dauntless was launched into the servers for players to download The game may still be technically sitting in Early Access, but with 15 million players, they're sure treating it like it's been released Along with cross-platform support, the new update adds in the seasonal[...]

The "Dauntless" Collectors Edition is Absolutely Stunning

The "Dauntless" Collectors Edition is Absolutely Stunning

Phoenix Labs and Indiebox put together an absolutely stunning Collector's Edition for Dauntless that includes a massive behemoth statue, an art book, and a steelbook for the game's soundtrack Since Dauntless never got a physical release, the steelbook contains two discs for the game's soundtrack, a decal, and a code for the Aetheric Armor set[...]

"Dauntless" on the Nintendo Switch

"Dauntless" on the Nintendo Switch is a Solid Switch Port

I've played the Switch version of Dauntless twice now, at E3 and PAX West, and it plays like most Switch ports - with similar controls and slightly toned-down graphics due to the hardware limitations of the Switch The mechanics and controls of the game are unchanged, and the Switch edition will launch with all the content[...]

Phoenix Labs Unveils New Dauntless Hunt Pass With "Zephyr Strike"

Phoenix Labs Unveils New "Dauntless" Hunt Pass With "Zephyr Strike"

Phoenix Labs released new details for the Dauntless patch 0.9.2 that will go live today, featuring new additions to the Hunt Pass with "Zephyr Strike" The game will now put you at odds with fellow players in a faction war between neon green and pink sides You can read more about the patch here, and[...]

Phoenix Labs Reveals More Info On The "Dauntless" Fortune & Glory Update

The Fortune & Glory Update Goes Live In "Dauntless"

This week, Dauntless officially received the new "Fortune & Glory" update, allowing players to basically go be pirates and seek out new items Along with it, the company released a proper intro to the addition and a fresh new trailer You can download it for the game right now, as we wish you luck on[...]

Phoenix Labs Reveals More On The "Dauntless" Fortune & Glory Update

Phoenix Labs Reveals More On The "Dauntless" Fortune & Glory Update

Phoenix Labs have announced a new content addition coming to Dauntless as we get a preview of the "Fortune & Glory" update coming on July 16th The short version to all this is that you're getting pirates in the game, along with a new challenge called Trials, new difficulty levels, additional features across the board,[...]

Dauntless is an Impressive Achievement and a Damn Good Game

[rwp_box_recap id="0"]Dauntless's rocky launch aside, there's a whole lot of great game for players to sink their teeth into now that it's been fully launched And the rocky start really just goes to show how difficult a simultaneous cross-play launch across all available platforms can truly be.Sure, the matchmaking could be faster and the server[...]

Dauntless has Surpassed the 4 Million Player Mark Already

Phoenix Labs' monster hunting co-op action RPG Dauntless has already welcomed over half a million players to the Shattered Isles in its first 24 hours, which means the game has already surpassed the 4 million player mark worldwide. Dauntless has been available in early access for some time now, but just launched on May 21st on PlayStation[...]

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for May 21-27, 2019

Check out the entire list of this week's games below, choose your titles wisely, and as always; have fun![caption id="attachment_864747" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Sega[/caption]May 21stAssassin's Creed III Remastered (Switch) Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland (PC, PS4, Switch) Beat Saber (PC) Broken Sword V (Switch) Dauntless (PS4) Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria (PS4) Everybody's Golf VR (PS4) Killing Floor: Double Feature (PS4) The Last[...]

Dauntless Receives An Official Release Date For PC, PS4, and Xbox One

This morning, Pheonix Labs announced they Dauntless would finally be getting a release across PS4, Xbox One, and on PC through the Epic Games Store After a number of tests and additions and whatnot, the game will finally come out on May 21st, which will include the Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades, the Mastery[...]

Dauntless Introduces a New Mastery System in Today's Massive Update

[caption id="attachment_954774" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Phoenix Labs[/caption] Phoenix Labs has (literally) just released the biggest content update in Dauntless history with the “Path of the Slayer.”  The new patch introduces the game’s Mastery System which provides a new way for players to earn rewards for completing long-term challenges based on specific Behemoths and pieces of gear[...]

Dauntless Adds Dire Behemoth, Customization, and UI in New Update

[caption id="attachment_973903" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// Phoenix Labs[/caption]The newest patch for Phoenix Labs' co-op monster hunting title Dauntless includes a new Dire Behemoth, improved character customization, and an updated UI The new Dire Behemoth is Scorchstone Hellion, who players should be rather familiar with Of course, because this is the dire form of Hellion, he does have[...]

Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best RPG

But first up, your nominees:Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Eevee Assassin's Creed Odyssey Monster Hunter World Vampyr Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Octopath Traveller DauntlessAnd the winner is.. Assassin's Creed Odyssey!Our staff votes were tied for first and second place initially, with Pokemon Let's Go and Assassin's Creed vying for the top slot, while[...]

Dauntless is Coming to Consoles and Epic Game's Platform in April 2019

During tonight's broadcast of The Game Awards, Phoenix Labs announced Dauntless would be headed to consoles and beyond in 2019 Right now, the confirmed launches will be happening in April 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with Nintendo Switch and mobile titles on the way On top of that, the game will be moving to[...]