DC Heroes & Villains Mobile Game Announced During DC FanDome

DC FanDome had a surprise mobile game announcement as iOS and Android players will be getting DC Heroes & Villains. Working with DC Comics, Jam City and its development studio Ludia Inc. have come together to make what appears to be a match-three title featuring iconic characters from across multiple comic book properties. You'll have to go through and recruit the ultimate power team made up of both sides of the coin to save our world from complete extinction. The game will be released sometime in early 2022, but for now you can pre-register for it on through the link above.

DC Heroes & Villains Mobile Game Announced During DC FanDome
Credit: Jam City

A mysterious pulse has stripped away all super powers, and it's up to you to assemble the ultimate super team and fend off this galactic threat. Become the master with your very own team of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains, and prepare for epic battles in this all-new puzzle RPG game! Explore iconic locations from the alleyways of Gotham City to the depths of Atlantis, and prepare for epic battles. Build your very own team of fan favorite DC Super Heroes, Super-Villains or both, and become the master in RPG Puzzle games to wipe out your enemy and survive extinction. Strengthen your team and unite with others across the universe. Work together to defeat foes and bosses for awesome rewards in limited time events.

  • Recruit and collect over 35 DC characters and build teams for every type of battle.
  • Help your team to regain their powers and upgrade abilities to unlock their full potential.
  • Master challenging Puzzle RPG gameplay across 152 missions.
  • Match tiles and create powerful combo chains to activate exciting Synergy, Melee and Ranged Power moves from your team.
"We are exceptionally proud to announce our newest title, DC Heroes & Villains," said Alex Thabet, CEO of Ludia. "This game showcases the best of Ludia, with engaging gameplay and innovative technologies that are the hallmark of our award-winning games. We believe this will give DC fans a completely new perspective of the characters, environments and lore they love."
"We couldn't be more impressed with DC Heroes & Villains, which puts Ludia's talent and creativity on full display," said Chris DeWolfe, co-founder and CEO of Jam City. "This will be the first time DC fans can create their own dream teams in a match-3 role playing game, combining both heroes and villains. I'm confident fans will be blown away with what they can do in the game."

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