Details Coming Out About 'Friday The 13th' Counselor Clothing Update

IllFonic has released new details regarding the Friday The 13th: The Game update that will include new gear for the counselors. The "Spring Break '84 Clothing Pack DLC" doesn't yet have a date, but there are some interesting details about how the system will work and make your counselor of choice both stylish and productive. The website has greater details, but the short of it is that you'll be able to design how their outfits look based on the DLC you snag and the options you unlock.

Each counselor will have shirt, pants, and shoes to choose from, which will include various patterns and styles for you to adapt. For those of you curious, no, the outfits are not interchangeable, so you can't throw a woman counselor into Chad's preppy outfit, or put a man counselor into Tiffany's booty shorts.

While it hasn't been discussed or mentioned by Illfonic, eagle-eyed gamers have pointed out that there may be an option down the road to get new items of gear. Meaning you could possibly get a brand new pair of shoes for a particular character that would help them run faster, or perhaps a jacket that will help them take less damage. But if those additions are in the works for Friday The 13th, the devs aren't talking about it.

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