Devolver Digital Gives Us The 'Ol Heave Ho at PAX East 2019

One of the big surprise games from PAX East this year came from Devolver Digital as they showed off Heave Ho from Le Cartel Studio. This particular game was kept a secret from everyone before the event kicked off a couple weeks ago, and when they brought it to the floor it was the primary attraction on the big screen TV they usually set up at their booth's lounge with the couch. This is both a single-player mission game and a multiplayer co-op game where you play as a small chicken nugget-like creature with long arms. Using the controller to work each arm and the trigger buttons to grasp with your hands, you will make your way with your friends through obstacle courses that require teamwork to get where you need to go.

credit//Devolver Digital

This game is fun and brutal at the same time as you regenerate each time you die, but you don't have much say in where you reappear. There's some great physics going on here and you can use your character's body to get around as needed to specific points on the map, along with some help of course. I played this game with three random people who were in line to try it out, and while the concept is simple enough the execution can be a fun challenge to pull off. Heave Ho was one of the best times I had on the floor of PAX East this year, and it was nice playing it on the big screen with an audience cheering us on after we accomplished a couple of levels that seemed near impossible to conquer. The game is set to be released sometime in the Summer of 2019 for both PC and Nintendo Switch, but honestly, based on how it looked and played, it could come out tomorrow and we'd be happy to own it.

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