Do Not Open Drops On PS5, More Console Releases On The Way

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain, along with Gammera Nest and Nox Noctis, has released their new horror game Do Not Open on the PS5. If you haven't had a chance to check this one out, this game is a first-person horror title in which you basically have a terrifying escape-room experience. You will be thrown into various challenges with randomness in every puzzle combination, meshed with survival-horror mechanics that will keep you guessing. Each time you play through, you get a little bit more of the plot, as each game will contain different rooms and variations of puzzles you've seen. The PS5 version has officially been released, however, you'll also be able to get the game on Steam on November 30th, with versions for PS4, PSVR2, and PCVR platforms sometime in 2023.

Do Not Open Drops On PS5, More Console Releases On The Way
Credit: SIE Spain

"Mike Goreng is trapped in a warped version of his own home. What's going on? Where are his wife and daughter? As a scientist, Mike can't come up with an explanation for what is happening, but his instinct tells him that he is in severe danger… and something evil lurks in the darkness. Do Not Open is a challenging survival-horror classic with gameplay based on escape-room mechanics. Each time the player crosses a door of the Hall of the Victorian mansion Judith's Manor, he will enter a different layer of each area, and its puzzles and riddles will change randomly so that each game is different from start to finish. To unravel the terrible mystery of the manor, the player will find different newspaper clippings, diary pages or other items in each game, making the plot a puzzle in itself. But he must do it before time runs out, or he'd better hide from the terrible threat that stalks him. Are you ready for the Do Not Open challenge? Hide, solve, or die!"

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