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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Developers Share New Info In Latest Blog

The team at BioWare has posted a new blog in which they give a quick update on the development of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The blog is more of a series of interviews the staff basically conducted with itself, and there are no visual assets to be seen of any kind for those of you looking for a peek. But the interviews do give a bit of a glimpse into the planning of the game. We have a snippet of the blog for you below, but you can read the entire thing here.

Promo art for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, courtesy of BioWare
Promo art for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, courtesy of BioWare

At the heart of every one of our games are our stories and characters. Each tale is told by the people who live in them—companions who fight at your side and foes who challenge your every move. This is core to the experiences we craft and is what we believe makes a "BioWare RPG" what it is. Each character has their own motivations and goals that influence how the story plays out, but so do you. The Hero of Ferelden. The Champion of Kirkwall. The Herald of Andraste. Each of them marked their legacy in the annals of history, but time marches forward and the age of these heroes cannot last forever. As a friend of ours once said, "it's time for a new hero."

Making a game that carries forth the stories that came before it while still being a starting point for someone brand-new can be tough—deep lore can seem daunting to new players—but it's also an exciting challenge! The development process is iterative and dynamic. Ideas get concepted, tested, thrown out, brought back, and changed constantly during early stages, all in the pursuit of getting things just right. And it's very collaborative, too! Everyone helps each other to build something we hope will excite you.

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