Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Now Available On Steam

Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Now Available On Steam

Electronic Arts and BioWare have made the popular MMORPG set int eh Star Wars universe completely free to play for everyone starting today You can create your character and send them off down whatever path you choose, and whether that be with the Light or Dark Side of the Force, whether that be a Bounty[...]

Newly Revealed Stats Show Most Mass Effect Players Chose Paragon

Newly Revealed Stats Show Most "Mass Effect" Players Chose Paragon

Apparently, more of you out there are good rather than evil. At least, that's what the statistics of Mass Effect say from a briefly recent reveal. If you're not familiar with the concept in Mass Effect, one of the many choices at your disposal is that you can choose an alignment of sorts. You can […]

Anthem Is Getting A Complete Rework According To Devs

"Anthem" Is Getting A Complete Rework According To Devs

According to a brand new blog post on BioWare's website, Anthem is going to be getting an overhaul which includes a complete rework BioWare's Casey Hudson let players know that the game would be getting some changes in the months to come And while the current season won't see much in changes, the game itself[...]

Is BioWare Teasing a New Mass Effect Remaster

Is BioWare Teasing a New "Mass Effect" Remaster?

[caption id="attachment_1147132" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: BioWare[/caption]Okay, BioWare Time to 'fess up Are you hiding something Mass Effect-related behind these recent tweets you've been posting? Because it certainly seems like you are.Earlier today, the official BioWare Twitter account posted a scene from the beginning of the original Mass Effect along with a caption tagged "#MassRelays." The[...]

The Witcher Could Never Be Game of Thrones: Its Hero Is Too Relatable [OPINION]

"The Witcher" Could Never Be "Game of Thrones": Its Hero Is Too Relatable [OPINION]

The main characters are all members of an aristocratic family fighting to put who they think is the right person on the throne.That aspirational theme is also in Bioware’s role-playing games, whose model The Witcher games also used In Bioware games like Mass Effect, Jade Empire, and Dragon Age, you play a character who starts[...]

Surprise Anthem is Getting Mass Effect Costumes For N7 Day

Surprise! "Anthem" is Getting "Mass Effect" Costumes For N7 Day

Anthem is getting a fun new set of Mass Effect-inspired costumes, just in time for N7 Day. If you too were upset by the poor quality of Mass Effect Andromeda (as well as Anthem) to play either one, this may come as a depressing announcement. Fortunately, the costumes look very cool. They're available for purchase […]

The Onslaught Expansion For Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Available

The Onslaught Expansion For "Star Wars: The Old Republic" Is Available

This week, BioWare released a brand new update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, as the developers plan to bring on the Onslaught to the MMORPG Like a lot of expansions for the series, dark forces are looking to take over the Republic, and you'll be on the frontlines deciding thre fate of the galaxy[...]

Bioware Talks Long-Term Support For "Anthem" In New Blog

So Bioware took the initiative this week to write a new blog post about the game and address the issues of the game's long-term support In a new entry written by Bioware's Head of Live Service Chad Robertson, he talks about the most recent in-game event and the fans concerns over gameplay We have the[...]

E3: Is Nintendo Winning Back Hardcore Gamers [OPINION]

E3: Is Nintendo Winning Back Hardcore Gamers? [OPINION]

Bioware and Rocksteady previously released Mass Effect 3 and Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham City games for the Wii U Ubisoft ported Assassin’s Creed III to the Wii U and Switch CD Projekt announced at E3 they will port The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to the Switch. the Switch isn’t capable of producing the[...]

BioWare has "Learned to Listen to What Fans Want" in Regards to "Anthem"

BioWare's Ben Irving popped up on the stream to chat about the game's presence at EA Play, which is really focused just on the game's influencers and the game's Cataclysm event that's live right now That said, they do have a booth at EA Play, so you can check that out if you like.Host Greg Miller asked[...]

Anthem's Cataclysm Event Seems Underwhelming

BioWare revealed Anthem's endgame Cataclysm event on Twitch yesterday, and while the event looks pretty cool, it doesn't do enough for fans already bored of the game.The Cataclysm event will last six weeks, and functions like a freeplay mode set in a special instanced area with its own map The map will change week to week,[...]

Anthem Might be Going Free-To-Play, Which Will Make it Worse

Rumor has it that EA and BioWare will be releasing Anthem as a free-to-play game on EA Access.There are so many things I can say about Anthem, about it's incredible hype cycle, it's rushed development, it's sloppy execution on lofty goals, it's failure to deliver on any aspects of gaming that BioWare has traditionally done well...The[...]

Is It Time to Give Up on Anthem After Three Months of Waiting?

BioWare and EA's Anthem is struggling to hold onto its player base, which is quickly dwindling as the days drag on It's been three months since the game debuted back in February, and many have given up on playing it altogether.In my review of Anthem, I mentioned that the game had some promise and definite room[...]

EA Doubles Down on Anthem Support

EA Doubles Down on Anthem Support

 During their investor report earnings call, Electronic Arts was rather quiet about BioWare’s Anthem which had a rather shaky launch period, and instead focused on the more successful Apex Legends However, EA did say that Anthem failed to meet expectations so far.Regardless, the publisher maintains faith in BioWare, saying “We believe in the team at BioWare, and we also[...]

BioWare Denies that Dragon Age 4 is Taking Precedence over Anthem

[caption id="attachment_978274" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//BioWare[/caption]Several key members of the BioWare team have reportedly left Anthem in favor of Dragon Age 4, but the studio insists it is still 100% committed to supporting the coop shooter Rumors that BioWare was giving up on Anthem surfaced earlier this week due to the news that Executive Producer Mark Darrah, Lead Producer Michael Gamble,[...]

Anthem is Getting PC Test Servers for Future Update Tweaks

[caption id="attachment_978288" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//BioWare[/caption]In their latest Reddit post, BioWare addressed a number of features for Anthem that were missing from the massive 1.1.0 Update that hit this week However, the post also included a bit of news that we initially overlooked (sorry, our bad) BioWare also announced that they'll be introducing a Player Feedback Environment[...]

Former BioWare Devs Announce New Game: Hindsight 20/20

Former BioWare Devs Announce New Game: Hindsight 20/20

Hindisght 20/20 is a new single-player action adventure game with morality-based decisions by former BioWare, ArenaNet, and Sucker Punch veterans at Triple-I Games.Hindsight 20/20 will release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac in 2020.The game’s official description reads:The peaceful town of Champaner holds life sacred above all else A calamitous virus[...]

BioWare Addresses the Missing Features from Anthem Update 1.1.0

[caption id="attachment_978288" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//BioWare[/caption]In a recent update on Reddit, Anthem developer BioWare addresses the quality improvements that didn't make it into yesterday's massive Update 1.1.0.While the update yesterday fixed a ton of things that went wrong with Anthem, the biggest updates for Act 1 were pushed back so that the dev team can prioritize bug[...]

Anthems Update 1.1.0 Adds New Strongholds and Balance Fixes

Anthem's Update 1.1.0 Adds New Strongholds and Balance Fixes

[caption id="attachment_1023107" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// BioWare[/caption]EA and BioWare have released Anthem Udate 1.1.0 as part of their continued efforts to fix their game with updates and new content The patch is loaded with balance adjustments, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements as well as a new stronghold called The Sunken Cell, which is available[...]

RealTalk: Can Anthem Save Itself

RealTalk: Can Anthem Save Itself?

EA and BioWare’s Anthem has had a rough go of it, between the game’s rocky development cycle to its pre- and post-launch troubles, the game is currently the punch line for all the “companies releasing unfinished games” jokes Which is great for Fallout 76, but not for Anthem.Now, neither game is truly without hope[...]