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Mass Effect: Amazon Studios Nears Deal to Adapt Games to TV
According to Deadline Hollywood, negotiations are underway to secure the rights to the Bioware/Electronic Arts space opera RPG Amazon Studios are doubling down on the Science Fiction and Fantasy business, with The Expanse about to have its final season, Wheel of Time premiering to reportedly healthy viewing numbers, and the streamer's version of Lord of[...]
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BioWare has released details to the expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic called Legacy Of The Sith, coming out on December 14th Earlier today the team held a special livestream where they revealed more of what's to come in the expansion, along with the release date for it, as this will be taking the[...]
BioWare Celebrates Mass Effect 14th Anniversary Today
BioWare is celebrating the 14th Anniversary of Mass Effect today, and with it, they dropped us a little teaser for the next game to come First off, happy N7 Day to all of you who love the franchise! Second, we have a list of things the company has done so you can celebrate in style[...]
BioWare Announces New Era For Star Wars: The Old Republic
Some cool news from BioWare today as the company a new major expansion is coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic, kicking off a new era Legacy Of The Sith will be the next expansion which will bring in a number of game improvements and help out the stability and longevity of the title But[...]
Reward Yourself With The Mass Effect Medal of Honor From BioWare
BioWare is giving fans the ability to showcase their hard work for playing the hit video game series with the Mass Effect Trilogy Show off your hard work by awarding yourself your very own Medal of Honor collectible Captures from the video game, this replica is a must have collectible for any fan of the[...]
Mass Effect Liara T’Soni Gets 2,000 Piece Statue From BioWare
BioWare has recently released the long awaited Mass Effect Trilogy Legendary Edition on PlayStation and Xbox The series is finally back in the spotlight, and BioWare has revealed an exclusive 2,000 piece limited edition Liara T'Soni statue Dr Liara T'Soni Is a big part Of the Mass Effect franchise and many Commander Shepard love interests[...]
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Be Coming Out In May
BioWare and Electronic Arts released a new update today into Mass Effect Legendary Edition to improve a few areas for players Some of the additions to this update are that the English spoken dialogue can now be selected separately from subtitle language, the issues with wireless headsets have been corrected, PC performance has been improved[...]
BioWare Needs Our Help To Create The Mass Effect Omni-Blade Replica
The long-awaited Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster is almost here, and BioWare can not contain their excitement It looks like they have announced their own Gear Store Passion Project that can bring the game's iconic Omni-Blade to life once again Unlike the previous design, this new Omni-Blade will feature an LED effect that will bring new[...]
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Be Coming Out In May
Electronic Arts and BioWare have released new info detailing the visual improvements that went into Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Essentially the team gave this entire game the once-over and improved every visual aspect they could without detracting from the original too much That way everything you see is both new as well as familiar The[...]
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Be Coming Out In May
BioWare has dropped a ton of new specification details for the upcoming release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition With the game set to be released on May 14th, the team decided it was a gfodo idea to let people know about some of the changes they made to the actual gameplay and how it will[...]
This Is Anthem | Gameplay Series, Part 2: Endgame
It looks like Anthem has come to an end as both Electronic Arts and BioWare revealed today that they've ceased production BioWare's Executive Producer Christian Dailey took to the company blog today to make the announcement, which we have a chunk of it for you here to read Basically, a few different things came into[...]
Mass Effect Legendary Cache Contains BioWare Exclusive N7 Helmet
BioWare has finally announced the long-awaited next-gen remaster of his game series Mass Effect Fans can read more about the announcement of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition here However, BioWare has also announced a special Legendary Cache that is packed with goodies that fans will not want to miss out on The cache will be[...]
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Be Coming Out In May
Electronic Arts and BioWare revealed today that the long-awaited Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be coming out this May Now you'll be able to play as Commander Shepard in 4K Ultra HD with HDR as you go through the first three games in the franchise, reliving all of the memorable moments and maybe some you[...]
Mass Effect Gets A New Teaser Trailer For The Next Game
Courtesy of BioWare. We also see footage of a crew of people on a snow-covered planet finding wreckage pieces with the N7 lavel on it, only to cut away and see a ship in the distance with the XT8 logo on the side to signify that the people there are from the Alliance What does all[...]
BioWare Shows Off A New Trailer For Dragon Age
During The Game Awards 2020 this week, BioWare decided to finally show off what they've been working with on the new Dragon Age game First and foremost, the company basically confirmed a rumor that had been going around for a minute without much to back it up, saying that this was essentially going to be[...]