Dragon Ball Super Reveals First Cross Spirits Secret Rare As Super 17

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is collaborating with the hobby's community to reveal the Secret Rare cards of the next set, Cross Spirits. The first Secret Rare (or SCR) from the August 2021 set has now been revealed as Super 17.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Cross Spirits Super 17 SCR. Credit: EspiraTCG
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Cross Spirits Super 17 SCR. Credit: EspiraTCG

This week, DBS Card Game hosted an SCR Showdown, with the winner claiming the honor of revealing the first Secret Rare of Cross Spirits. The winner, EspiraTCG, went on to then post a video revealing the beautiful gold foiled card as Super 17, Sibling Absorbed.

This continues the set's focus on Dragon Ball GT's Super 17, which took Android 17 in a far different direction than the canonical Dragon Ball Super did. While Super pits the Android as a lover of wildlife who goes on to become a multi-verse savior, GT turns him into a fused villain. This card, though, depicts a moment in the game Super Dragon Ball Heroes when Super 17 absorbs his sister à la Cell to become this blond version of himself.

The next SCR Showdown is scheduled for tomorrow. The official Dragon Ball Super Card Game Facebook went on to announce the battle, posting:

The second SCR Showdown is scheduled for Monday, July 12th at 7:00 PM ET/4:00PM PT with Hayden "TheEgman" Kaustinen VS. Joey Paladino from Cross World TCG! Link: https://www.Twitch.tv/TheEgman Don't miss out! And of course, be sure to come back tomorrow for more new -Cross Spirits- card reveals!

What I'm personally wondering is if we will see an SCR in Cross Spirits that features characters or inspiration from the Dragon Ball Z film, Wrath of the Dragon. So far, most of the cards showcased have either featured artwork inspired by moments from that film with the rest of the cards featuring the Super 17 Saga. Could we possibly see a Tapion and Trunks SCR? Looking at the direction of the SCRs featuring Super Dragon Ball Heroes content, the answer is probably no, but it'll be fun to see what gets revealed this week!

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