"Edge Of Eternity" Receives Fourth Major Story Update

Plug In Digital and Midgar Studio revealed this past week that Edge Of Eternity finally received its fourth major story arc update. "The Man Who Survived The Corrosion" was released to the Steam Early Access game, along with a host of bug fixes which you can read about more below. The JRPG is essentially moving slowly toward a formal release date, but really, the game has been out for a year. You can see more images and a trailer for the latest chapter of Edge Of Eternity below.

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Credit: Plug In Digital

– Fixed a bug where pressing back or escape could block the campfire scene after resting to an inn
– Fixed a bug where usage of fire bombs would not be counted toward the completion of the quest "Kill it with fire"
– Fixed a bug that was resetting the doors to closed after completing a puzzle in the junkyard (would prevent turning back after beating the boss)
– Fixed a few NPC vendors
– Fixed a UI stacking bug with the Quest Result UI and the minimap / world actions UI
– Fixed a UI stacking bug with the Quest Result UI and the battle UI
– Fixed a bug that was preventing Ysoris to equip some pieces of equipment
– Fixed "Revoked Testament" not having stats
– Increased the duration of "Timeloop" and "Accelerate"

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