Final Kombat 2020: Remaining Losers Brackets & Winners Finals

We're reporting live in Chicago! …From the 27th floor of a hotel room to bring you the results of today's Final Kombat 2020 tournament for Mortal Kombat 11. After the coronavirus concerns made the organizers decide to do an empty arena (except for crew, players, and essential staff), the rest of us were left to do our coverage remotely. While I prepare to take a shower and use up all of the freebies in the bathroom, here are the results from the remaining Losers brackets of the day as well as the Winners finals before we head to the Grand Finals.

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Credit: WB Games

Losers Quarterfinals Match One: Kombat vs. Deoxys

The game started off with Deoxys going with the Upgraded Jacqui Briggs while Kombat brought in his Outtake version of Johnny Cage. Both players knew what they were going for in the first game and traded off victories in decisive order. But it was Kombat who pulled off the clutch combo at the end to go up 1-0. Game two was a replay of what we just saw with the two of them trading off victories yet again, neither with a clear advantage. But this time around Deoxys picked up a crushing blow at the end of the third game to make it a 1-1 affair.

Match three was another trade-off as both of these players knew each other inside and out. But Kombat pulled off a couple of fast combos to score a cheeky victory that he probably shouldn't have gotten after Deoxys had his number. The entered game four with Kombat up 2-1, as Deoxys decided to make Kombat pay for the last round. He went up one victory easily with little resistance, but Kombat took the second victory after a Fatal Blow with a quick grab. Both men traded off blows and combos as Deoxys spent the match doing corner punishment. A few grabs later, along with a punishment and a Brutality and the two were tied up 2-2.

Kombat teased a charactwer change, but we ended up staying with the same characters after a costume change. Kombat came out the gate punishing Deoxys for his openings, but Deoxys went for desperation plays and pulled out the first victory from nothing. Kombat went back on the punishment train again, but Deoxys made him pay for not making better choices as he juggled his way to a 3-2 win and moved on in the lower brackets.

Winner: Deoxys (3-2)


Losers Quarterfinals Match Two: Dragon vs. Rewind

Dragon brought back his Spring Cleaning version of Cetrion while, to no surprise of anyone, we got another Upgraded Jacqui Briggs from Rewind. Both players traded off victories in game one as Rewind punished with the combos while Dragon did the ranged game. Dragon ended up getting corner punished in the third game with nowhere to go as Rewind went up 1-0. Match two had Dragon return to the zoning and projectile game to earn the first win. Followed by a perfect read as he punished Rewind for the dive.he had the match won until he allowed Rewind to corner him again, then it was over in short order for a tie. Another rinse-and-repeat for Jacqui in the corner with punishment moves and that was it for game two as Rewind went up 2-0.

We went into match three the same as we started, as Rewind basically found what worked for him and did everything he could to push Dragon into a corner. Dragon, however, was not going away quickly as he picked up the first win after getting back on the projectile game. Rewind went back into the corner again, but Dragon made him pay for it with a reversal punishment and a Fatal Blow to make it 1-2. Match four returned us to the projectile game from Dragon, who bided his time and gave a Final Blow for the first win. Dragon went back to zoning moves, but Rewind came in with a series of combos to punish it. Rewind had multiple ways to end it but kept giving room to Dragon who took advantage and won to make it 2-2 for match point.

Match five saw a coach break before diving into the action. Dragon kept Rewind at bay for the longest time to keep the first victory in his hands. The two spend everything they had left to trade-off evenly, but Rewind failed to capitalize on a few key moments or use his Fatal Blow, which cost him the match as Kombat projectile hit him for the victory and the reverse sweep to win 3-2.

Winner: X (3-2)


Winners Final: SonicFox vs. Ninjakilla_212

We started off the Winners Finals with SonicFox bringing in their Ace of Knaves build for Joker while Ninja chose his Outtake version of Johnny Cage. Sonic started off strong with heavy combos into the corner. Ninja fought his way out, but Sonic nailed him down for the first win. Ninja tried to get some early combos in, but Sonic responded with more combos up close. Ninja punished hard, however, and came away with a victory for the tie. Ninja started with a crushing blow for the third game and put Sonic in a corner with 1/3rd health left very quickly. Sonic blew the corner move and allowed Ninja to score the first overall win to go up 1-0. Match two started immediately with both trading combos and canceling each other out. Sonic ended with a Fatal Blow for the first win. Sonic took Ninja down to half life in the second game, but Ninja returned the favor. A few more traded blows and Sonic captured the victory to make it 1-1.

Match three kicked right off where we last were, trading off combos and canceling each other. Ninja threw a little more projectile offense into this round, but it was all about up-close combat. They both got down to low life, but Sonic pulled out the first victory. Ninja came back and juggled Sonic around the map for the quick tying victory. Sonic repaid the favor with a decisive victory using the Joker to go up 2-1. Game four saw Ninja switch to Liu Kang with a Louhan Quan build, while Sonic went for a costume change. Sonic kept the pain going with a dominant first game to take the win. Ninja pushed back with a series of bicycle kicks to even it out, scoring a victory and tying it up. The two traded combos and blocks for much of the third game, but Ninja pulled out a crushing blow to secure the win and make it 2-2 for match point.

Match five started immediately with Sonic scoring a couple of combos while Ninja went with projectiles. A crushing blow after a bicycle kick gave Ninja the first win. he repeated what worked before and took Sonic down to half life in game two, but they traded a number of blows until Ninja came through with the upset and scored a second win over Sonic. He moved on 3-2, upsetting the #1 seed in the tournament. But it's double elimination, so this is not over yet for either of them.

Winner: Ninjakilla_212 (3-2)


Losers Semifinal: Deoxys vs. Dragon

Stop me if you've heard this one before. We start the first match with Deoxys choosing an Upgraded Jacqui Briggs while Dragon went for a Spring Cleaning build of Cetrion. The first match started strong with both making quick work of each other, but Dragon squeaked out the win on a grab. Game two was much of the same, but Dragon switched up to more projectiles which gave him a win for a quick 1-0 lead. Deoxys teased a character swap but stayed with Jacqui as they went into match two. This time Dragon practiced more zoning, which did the trick for an easy first victory. The two traded off combos for the second game, but Dragon was able to edge Deoxys out at every turn for another victory and the 2-0 lead.

Deoxys decided to go crazy with a surprise pick and changed to Raiden with a Thunder Wave build. It didn't make much of a difference as Dragon took the first win with a flawless victory. The second game wasn't much else to write about as the choice didn't help him. Deoxys fell hard after a second Dragon win. Dragon makes the clean sweep for the 3-0 win.

Winner: Dragon (3-0)


Losers Finals: SonicFox vs. Dragon

We're down to some of the top-seeded players in the tournament. Sonic brought back their Ace of Knaves version of the Joker while Dragon came back with the Spring Cleaning build of Cetrion. The two were pretty even at the start, not really getting major advantages. Sonic eventually had to take the Final Blow to get the first win. Sonic took full advantage of it and ran wild on Dragon for the second game, scoring the win and going up 1-0. Match two started immediately with Sonic picking up where they left off with a fast first win. After that, it was pretty academic as they rolled over Dragon for the second win and the 2-0 lead.

Match three saw a costume change for both but keeping both characters. Dragon pushed Sonic to the limit this time, but they ended up using his Fatal Blow to get the first win. Dragon made a good comeback with his own Fatal Blow, which eventually went to a victory and a match tie. Dragon got a little more aggressive and pushed back for the combo heavy win to make it 1-2. Match four started off strong for Sonic, eventually chipping away at the health of Dragon for the first win. Dragon didn't go down so easily as they fast-combo nailed each other, but Sonic took the risk for an up-close hit while Dragon tried to zone and it paid off. Sonic got the win for the 3-1 win and we get a rematch in the finals.

Winner: SonicFox (3-1)

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