First Details Of Pokémon TCG's 25th Anniversary Set Arrive

The first details of the Pokémon TCG's upcoming 25th Anniversary set have popped up 0nline and, to say the least, it's not what we were expecting! Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming set celebrating this landmark occasion for the Pokémon TCG.

P25 logo. Credit: Pokémon Company
P25 logo. Credit: Pokémon Company

The Pokémon TCG is set to release its 25th Anniversary set in October 2021, with the current projected date suspected to be October 8th. New information about the set has come in through the following product details. The first wave of the set is expected to include:

  • 25th Anniversary Giant Figure Collection: 9x "25th anniversary" mini booster packs, 3x "normal" booster packs, 1x V promo, 1x VMAX promo, a giant Pikachu figure 25th Anniversary

Just interrupting here real quick. We have a box with a Pikachu figure that also has a V and a VMAX… hm. I'm thinking this is where and when we will see the English version of the Pikachu VMAX promo card from Japan that was released back in 2020 with no word on an international release date.  All right, back to the Pokémon TCG's 25th Anniversary details.

  • Pikachu V Box: 4x mini booster packs, 2x normal booster packs, 1x Pikachu V promo, 1x Pikachu V jumbo
  • 25th Anniversary Elite Trainer Box: 10x mini boosters, 5x boosters, 1x promo card, and the usual contents of an Elite Trainer Box
  • 25th Anniversary Collector's Chest Tin: 6x mini boosters, 2x boosters, 3x promo cards, stickers, notepad, mini portfolio
  • 25th Anniversary Pokemon Pin Boxes: 4x mini boosters, 2x boosters, 2x promo cards, 1x pin
  • 25th Anniversary Mini Tins: 2x mini boosters, 1x booster pack, 1x metallic coin

There will be more products as well.

What sticks out here is the "mini boosters," which is different than the way most special sets are handled. There is speculation that this means we're getting a smaller set for the anniversary, similar in style to the eighteen-card Detective Pikachu special set. The thing is, we just don't know. The normally sized booster packs could be a set, the smaller ones could be a subset. The normally sized packs could be from different, already existing expansions and the smaller ones could be a smaller set. There's no way to know at the moment, but the use of these smaller packs, which have been confirmed to include four cards, comes as a surprise to Pokémon TCG collectors for sure.

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