Flight School Studio Reveals Their Next Game With Stonefly

Flight School Studio and MWM Interactive revealed their next game on the way with the tranquil action title Stonefly. This game is pretty cool as you're going to experience a mech adventure through an enchanting forest, as you go on a journey of self-discovery and belonging that will bring some strong feelings to the heart. You will play as Annika, an amazing inventor on a quest to recover a lost family heirloom, creating your own crafts and gadgets along the way to get the job done in your own mech. The game will be released this summer for all three consoles as well as PC.

I'm gonna find that thing and use a mech to do it! Courtesy of Flight School Studio.
I'm gonna find that thing and use a mech to do it! Courtesy of Flight School Studio.

"Stonefly is an exciting next step for our small development team. We've designed a game that mirrors Annika's journey to find her confidence, as an inventor braving the unfamiliar notions of the world," said Bohdon Sayre, Game Director at Flight School Studio. "MWMi has been incredibly supportive with Creature in the Well, so it was a natural fit to partner for Stonefly. They've given us creative freedom at every stage as we made our way through this ambitious project."

"Flight School Studio creates games that captivate players, which is evident by how much people loved Creature in the Well for its satisfying gameplay and unique approach to the hack-and-slash and dungeon crawler genres," said Ethan Stearns, executive vice president of MWM Interactive. "We're excited to work with them again and bring Stonefly to players across the globe. The game offers players an entertaining adventure set in a stunning world that Flight School Studio meticulously crafted, and speaks to the team's ability to elevate games and storytelling through their incredible artistry."

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