Focus Entertainment Partners With Rundisc To Publish Chants Of Sennaar

Focus Entertainment announced this week they have formed a new partnership with developer Rundisc to release their new game, Chants Of Sennaar. This is a lovely little narrative adventure title in which you will be making your way through a mysterious society while you attempt to restore the connections between the mysterious inhabitants who live within The Tower. The game has a beautiful art style that immediately pops on the screen and makes exploring throughout the game a treat, as well as the mechanics of figuring out how the languages they speak serve to help you solve puzzles and the mystery. What will you find as you explore? We don't have a release date yet, but both parties released statements about the new partnership, which you can read below along with the latest trailer.

Promo artwork for Chants Of Sennaar, courtesy of Focus Entertainment.
Promo artwork for Chants Of Sennaar, courtesy of Focus Entertainment.

"Initially looking for marketing partners, we discovered at Focus much more than that: an enthusiastic team, with multiple talents and impressive commitment," says Julien Moya, President and Artistic Director of Rundisc. "Their support and wise advice in the design and production of the game are of great help to us and will allow us to push the project further than hoped. For a small team like ours, the support of such a structure is obviously reassuring. We are therefore delighted with this collaboration."

"Learning to understand one another: a challenge that resonates strongly today," says Yves Le Yaouanq, Chief Content Officer of Focus Entertainment. "In [Chants Of Sennaar] the architecture feeds the level design, and languages ​​are the puzzles to be discovered. It's the Tower of Babel, reinterpreted, in which the player must infiltrate, explore, and decipher. Through a living, vibrant graphical touch, and offering unique transmedia perspectives, the Rundisc team demonstrates a deep sense of game design within a quest for universal understanding, and we are more than happy to accompany them to these highest levels!"

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