Gengar, Lapras, & Kecleon Pokémon Cards For Silver Lance & JBP

More and more cards from the soon-to-be-released Japanese-language Pokémon TCG sets Silver Lance and Jet Black Poltergeist are being released. This set is expected to combine with last month's release of Matchless Fighter to make up the next English-language set of the Pokémon TCG: Chilling Reign, which will be released June 18th, 2021. We have already seen artwork featuring the new Legendary Pokémon Calyrex on both V and VMAX cards in each of its forms. Now, we're seeing cards featuring Pokémon from earlier generations. Let's take a look at these new leaks.

Gengar, Lapras, & Kecleon Pokémon cards. Credit: PokeBeach
Gengar, Lapras, & Kecleon Pokémon cards. Credit: PokeBeach

The three new cards we're seeing include two Pokémon from the iconic first generation, Lapras and Gengar, as well as Kecleon from the third generation. For those unfamiliar with Japanese cards in the Pokémon TCG, they different stylistically from English cards in that the borders are silver rather than yellow. As such, the holo cards see the holo pattern continue onto the border rather than being confined to the artwork. Because of this, we can tell from the Gengar preview that Gengar will be a holo in the Chilling Reign set, if it makes it to the final list.

Word has also come out about special promotions that hobby shops will be doing for the release of Chilling Reign. The Pokémon TCG will be supplying gaming shops with the normal window displays but will also include items that are intended to give out to customers as promotional gifts. These items include a promo poster featuring Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres as well as foil stickers of each of these Legendary birds.

Both Silver Lance and Jet Black Poltergeist will be released in Japan on April 23rd. When these sets are out and cards begin to circulate, we will have a much better idea of what Chilling Reign will look like. Stay tuned for more Pokémon TCG updates.

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