Getting a Better Look at SNK 40th Anniversary Collection at PAX West

One of the first appointments I got to attend at PAX West was a chat with NIS America and looking at some of their upcoming titles. The biggest one they had to show off was SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, which turns out will have a lot more going for it than just the games. The crew behind it are the same people who have worked on retro collections as of late, including the Disney Afternoon Collection and the Mega Man Legacy Collection, both for Capcom. If you know anything about those two games and the detail that went into restoring them and cataloging the history behind them, then you know what this collection is bound to have!

Getting a Better Look at SNK 40th Anniversary Collection at PAX West
credit//NIS America

Included in the collection will be a complete history of SNK's video games, from early arcade titles all the way through the greatest hits of the NES, SNES, and TurboGrafx-16. They will include box art, arcade cabinets, game history and more. There's going to be a time-table that shows off games not in the collection, even some that people can't seem to find anywhere beyond a couple of photos or graphics. And then there's additions like the original artwork for Crystalis, in which they contacted the original artist who gladly shared her 30-year-old drawings for the game.

There's a lot to look forward to when SNK 40th Anniversary Collection comes out. Just after PAX West ended, we got a fresh new trailer for it showing off two new games in P.O.W. and Guerrilla War!

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