Giveaway: Ten Codes To Play Catalyst Black On Discord

Would you like to play Catalyst Black, the latest game from Super Evil Megacorp on Discord? We got ten codes for random people to jump in with. Starting tomorrow on August 12th, the game will enter the Early Access system on the app, giving players a chance to try the game out before its released. As part of it, we've been given ten codes to hand out to players. All ten of the codes are at the bottom of this post as a first-come-first-serve contest. The keys will need to be redeemed through the Catalyst Black Discord server, which is redeemed by starting a DM with the Super Evil Bot @Catalyst Black#1323 and using the !secretservice command and type in the key when you're asked to do so by following the registration flow. You can read more about the game below.

Credit: Super Evil Megacorp
Credit: Super Evil Megacorp

Catalyst Black is designed to feel like a refined battleground shooter that will allow players to show off their mechanical skill and tactical decision making in large scale battles. Set in a world of mystery and magic, players have access to thousands of combinations of gear, weapons and abilities that together define their playstyle. Collect, upgrade and customize gear to create the perfect loadout. The game has been built to be "cloud first" and cross-platform ready but will release across mobile platforms first. Super Evil are also placing a big focus on accessibility and togetherness with the ability to drop-in and drop-out of games with friends in seconds, in addition to peripheral support for controllers, keyboard & mouse and more, right from launch.

  • Thousands of weapons and abilities to customize YOUR playstyle. Change your loadout strategically by synergizing different weapons and gear.
  • The ability to transform into a Primal God to dominate the battlefield.
  • The choice of getting involved in large scale battles or going for the objectives.
  • Huge maps to explore, up to 20 players per team, 60 FPS action.
  • Drop-in / drop-out gameplay for immediate fun and accessibility.
  • Built on brand new Tech – The updated EVIL™  game engine, allowing for superior frame-rates, performance, map size, graphical prowess, advanced animation and more.
  • External peripheral support – Xbox controllers, keyboard & mouse and more.
Credit: Super Evil Megacorp
Credit: Super Evil Megacorp











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