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Catalyst Black Is Set For Release On Mobile Later This May
Super Evil Megacorp announced this week they'll finally be releasing Catalyst Black onto both iOS and Android devices later on next month If you haven't been checking this one out, the game is a team battleground shooter in which players will unleash mystical powers that channel primal beings from another realm as part of their[...]
Giveaway: Ten Codes To Play Catalyst Black On Discord
Would you like to play Catalyst Black, the latest game from Super Evil Megacorp on Discord? We got ten codes for random people to jump in with Starting tomorrow on August 12th, the game will enter the Early Access system on the app, giving players a chance to try the game out before its released[...]
Super Evil Megacorp Launches Catalyst Black Into Early Access
This week, Super Evil Megacorp has announced that their upcoming iOS game Catalyst Black will launch into Early Access The game was revealed back in May as a refined battleground shooter with a few more sophisticated mechanics, which essentially gives the game a hardcore battle feeling as you will have large scale battles featuring multiple[...]