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Attention Anime Fans! Crunchyroll has a Discord Now!
Crunchyroll has teamed up with Discord to bring anime fans closer together With the streamer's integration into Discord and the introduction of Rich Presence, anime fans will be able to connect their streaming accounts to Discord and show their friends what anime series they are watching, as well as discover new series, movies, and extra[...]
Anne Munition To Give Livestream Chat For Pride Month
Discord decided to host a series of events on its newly-launched Stage Channels this month, featuring various LGBTQIA+ artists and performers talking to their fans and others as they share what Pride means to them Today one of the biggest gaming streamers on Twitch, Anne Munition, will be giving a chat of her own that[...]
Sony Interactive Entertainment Announces New Discord Partnership
Sony Interactive Entertainment has formed a new multi-year partnership with Discord for both the PS4 and PS5 The announcement was made today on the SIE Blog by President and CEO Jim Ryan, and while the company didn't go into too many specifics or reveal any hard details about the partnership, we do know the plan[...]
Giveaway: Ten Codes To Play Catalyst Black On Discord
Would you like to play Catalyst Black, the latest game from Super Evil Megacorp on Discord? We got ten codes for random people to jump in with Starting tomorrow on August 12th, the game will enter the Early Access system on the app, giving players a chance to try the game out before its released[...]
Discord Reveals Nitro Subscription Addition With “Server Boosting”
Discord will be taking their Nitro Games catalog from the Nitro subscription service after nearly a year due to a lack of people using it Last year the company launched Nitro, which is a program that gives you a set of games every month, along with a ton of features you can throw into your[...]
Discord To Roll Out A New "Go Live" Feature Next Week
Discord is planning to launch a brand new feature into their app on August 15th as streamers will now have a cool new Go Live function This new feature allows users to stream their gameplay while up to ten other users are in their server Essentially, as the artwork below would suggest, creating a party[...]
Discord Reveals Nitro Subscription Addition With “Server Boosting”
Those of you who might be using Discord's Nitro subscription service are about to get a new addition with their new "Service Boosting" tool This one works differently than other perks in the Nitro system as you now have access to 80+ games, animated avatars/emojis, custom tags, and higher quality video Subscribers now have the[...]
Discord Open To Working With Nintendo If They Want To
If you're a Nintendo Switch player who is frequently online, chances are you want a better voice chat service like Discord on the console Primarily because their current setup is an app on your phone that you use to connect to others using that same app, and not just using a service through Nintendo Switch[...]
Lucasfilm President Teases Knights Of The Old Republic Options
Some cool news for Discord users today as the company announced it has added several Star Wars and Lucasfilm games to their Nitro Games Subscription The games will be coming to the service on May 4th as part of the now traditional Star Wars holiday, chief among the collection being both of the Knights of[...]
Killer Queen Black to Arrive on Discord and Nintendo Switch in Q3 2019
We now have an idea of when we'll see Killer Queen Black released, but sadly, it'll still be half a year before it lands on console and PC. Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games announced today that the game will be released for PC and Nintendo Switch sometime in Q3 of 2019 and that the first 90 days[...]
Last Year: The Nightmare Officially Launches on Discord
For those of you looking for a different kind of team survival game, Last Year: The Nightmare has officially launched on the Discord store If you haven't had a chance to try the game out, you're basically a bunch of kids in a high school that's been torn to shreds with blood all about[...]
Discord Officially Launches Their New Store Globally
This morning, Discord took their online store out of beta and officially launched the new service globally to everyone who uses their app The company currently has seven in the store and about another 100 in the works to appear later on We've got a few quotes from different partners below from this morning's press release[...]
Discord Announces Their First Seven Games Coming to the Service
Today, Discord made an official announcement about the first seven video games they will add to their store in their new online gaming system The company released a video and some of the details for all seven games, which we have for you here It looks like a pretty decent list of indie titles from a[...]
Discord Has Launched Its Own Game Store in Beta
This morning Discord announced that the company has officially launched a beta version of a new venture: an online gaming store. We have the finer details and costs below, but the Discord Store will essentially sell you games much like Steam does from select clients; however, they will download directly to your PC rather than through[...]
Discord Introduces "Priority Speak" for Their Voice System
Have you ever been on Discord and had to deal with a few different players all trying to make their voices heard at the same time? Yeah, like, every Discord session Well, now if you happen to be the room leader or the person who has been appointed to be in charge, there's a new[...]
Microsoft Teams With Discord, But Doesn't Include Audio Service
Yesterday, Microsoft made the announcement that the company was partnering with Discord for a brand new deal that would help connect PC players up with Xbox console players, but the deal has one little snag that's kind of a bummer The announcement that came out yesterday outlined the details of the new system in which[...]
Apple's iOS 11 Update For iPhone Breaks Discord
Chances are if you're running a Nintendo Switch and hate their voice chat system on your phone, you've probably installed Discord either on your device or on your PC to better communicate with people Even if you're not gaming, it makes for a good free communication system that's clearer than Skype if you're just going[...]