Giveaway: World Of Warships Transformers Crossover Codes

Would you like to get in on the Transformers crossover happening in World Of Warships? We have a set of codes to give away to 10 lucky winners. To help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Transformers: The Movie, Wargaming has released a ton of new content in the game inspired by the legendary franchise and the film. Right now you can play with boats designed after four characters as you can choose to play as Hot Rod, Grimlock, Starscream, and Soundwave in the battle on the open seas. But that's not all as the collaboration includes new animated permanent thematic camouflages, expandable camouflages, four commanders with unique voiceovers, and patches and flags to display The Matrix of Leadership proudly.

Giveaway: World Of Warships Transformers Crossover Codes
Credit: Wargaming

As we mentioned, we have codes to give away, as each one contains the following:

  • Starscream with 10pts + the skin "Lord of the Seekers" for german tier X aircraft carrier Manfred von Richthofen
  • Soundwave with 10 pts + the skin "Superior" for the Italian tier X cruiser Venezia
  • Hot Rod with 10 pts + the skin "Hot Racer" for the British tier X cruiser Minotaur
  • Grimlock with 10 pts + the skin "King of Primitives" for the French tier X battleship Republique

Additionally, for everyone who joins into the game, they have set up a limited time static invite code which can be claimed through the code "TRANSFORMERSRETURN", which comes with the following:

  • Saint-Louis US cruiser (tier III) with a 3 pts commander
  • Emden DE premium cruiser (Tier III) with a 3 pts commander
  • 200 doubloons
  • 2.5 million credits
  • 20x camouflage Restless fire
  • 7 World of Warships Premium Day

What do you need to do to get these codes? We have them for you at the bottom of this article. They are first-come-first-serve, and they have to be claimed in the game through World Of Warships' system. You can only activate ONE CODE PER ACCOUNT, and once a code is claimed, no one else can use it and you can't claim a second code. It just won't work, sorry. Once all of the codes are claimed and used, that's it. We don't have any more, we're not stockpiling them. Bet of luck to all of you in getting one!


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