GTFO Surprises Players With A New Update & Game Stats

10 Chambers Collective dropped a new surprise update into GTFO with a ton of new levels to explore, as well as some player stats on the game. The game has been in Early Access for a year now with players basically going through the motions of waiting for a new Rundown to drop, getting together with friends, and diving into the levels as best they can while trying to survive what has become a methodical horror shooter. Fams will get their fill as the now released new content for Rundown 004 presents a whole new set of challenges to deal with. On top of that, the company reveals some stats about the game, including the fact that the toughest expedition (R2E1, the last expedition of Rundown 002) only has a 1.4% success rate. What's more, the most deadly expedition (R1A1, the first level of the very first Rundown) has killed almost 2 million prisoners. Another stat to these is that so far, as few as 1.85% of the players have completed the two last expeditions of Rundown 004. 

Rundown 004 is now available in GTFO, courtesy of 10 Chambers Collective.
Rundown 004 is now available in GTFO, courtesy of 10 Chambers Collective.

"Looking at the statistics of death rates for the last Rundown, Contact, we decided our community of Prisoners need to be tested more before they're ready for the next Rundown chapter of GTFO," says Simon Viklund, Narrative Director & Composer. "We're adding four new expeditions on top of the eight that are already in the Rundown. Let's see if the survival rate increases."

"I think the secret behind our high positive Steam rating is our transparency. We're very open with what kind of game GTFO is: Very challenging, not for the faint of heart, but also very rewarding when you succeed. We even have a warning text on the product page – encouraging people to research before buying," says Ulf Andersson, Creative Director & CEO. "The exceptionally high positive reviews recently – 96% – should have to do with adding matchmaking in the latest big update. We will keep updating this feature, and maybe we'll reach even higher."

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