Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Darkness Rising Part 2 Review

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Darkness Rising Brilliant Event Part 2 is winding down. The first part of this Brilliant Event was maligned by players casual and hardcore alike for its nearly impossible-to-complete Special Assignment. This is a critique that Niantic has received on their other recent events, including the October Wizarding Weekend and both Community Day events that happened this month. As a result of the feedback to these events, Niantic has pledged to make changes, starting with this Brilliant Event. Let's take a look back and determine if the changes made were enough to make Harry Potter: Wizards Unite events fun again.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Darkness Rising Brilliant Event part 2 promotional graphic. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Darkness Rising Brilliant Event part 2 promotional graphic. Credit: Niantic

Let's start with an anecdote. I'm a fairly casual player that will grind a bit when Brilliant Events happen in-game. With the first part of Darkness Rising in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, I was just barely able to complete the prohibitively difficult Special Assignment on the final day of the event. This time, playing with equal time and energy, I was able to complete the Assignment two days after it went live and went on to complete the Bonus Assignment with a more casual playing style a few days later. This was possible because of more reliably boosted event-themed Foundables on the map and easier, fairer tasks.

This, in general, made this event far more fun. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite doesn't have to be easy, but it shouldn't feel like unrewarding work. The task system remains better in Pokémon GO, as their Special Research is doable by both casual and hardcore players. Casuals could finish it in a few days, hardcore players can generally do it in a couple of hours of grinding. The simple change to make these more doable elevated the Darkness Rising Part 2 event, allowing players to enjoy the counters. The designs of the Dark Witch and Wizard were incredible, the assignment's rewards were pretty good, and the Brilliant Knockturn Alley Registry page looks great. If Niantic continues in this direction, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be a bigger draw as a game for all styles of players.

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