Holy Shooter Lane Batman! Batman Forever Sega Pinball Machine


Back in the 90's Batman was a big deal. You couldn't swing a bat without knocking something over that was a tie in to either Batman or Batman Returns. Heck, in 1991 I was six, sporting a Batman Halloween costume to school! Of course all good things must eventually come to a screeching halt, and that's when Batman Forever came out. In all fairness the movie wasn't awful, but it also wasn't great. But I'm not here to talk about that movie, or how it's follow up killed comic book movies for years.

Instead, let me tell you about the Batman Forever pinball machine.3593f2

In 1995, Sega released to the world Batman Forever, the pinball machine. Featuring two Batman themed toys, the Batwing Ball Cannon and the Batcave Ball Lock Area, this game's playfield is unlike anything I've seen since. Designed by Paul Leslie and Joe Kaminkow, the field features electric green wire ramps twist around the playfield, mimicking Batman zooming around Gotham City. There are various games you can unlock, from stopping Two Face from robbing a bank, to even playing an arcade style racing game on the DMD board. Needless to say, this is one of the most entertaining machines out there. A little over two thousand were made, but they are pretty easy to find if you're on the market for them. Expect to pay between $1-3k for a machine depending on the quality.


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