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Star Wars Pinball VR Adds Free Droids Table DLC
A little something awesome from Zen Studios today as they have added a new free DLC table to Star Wars Pinball VR As you might suspect from the name, the table will be centered around everyone's favorite sub-plot narrators of the franchise, C-3PO and R2-D2 The game will revolve around their time with the Jawas[...]
Star Wars Pinball VR Adds Han Solo Centric Table
Zen Studios revealed this week that a new pinball table has been added to Star Wars Pinball VR, this once centered on Han Solo The table was revealed on the latest episode of the dev team's own program, The Pinball Show, in which the studio went over all of the fun little additions they made[...]
Zen Studios Unveils Star Wars Pinball VR
Zen Studios revealed today that they will be releasing Star Wars Pinball VR for multiple VR platforms on April 29th, 2021 The team has created a unique experience as you will have your own Star Wars-themed "fan cave" with a ton of keepsakes and collectibles that you can remodel at any time, with the primary[...]
AtGames To Feature Zaccaria Pinball Tables In Legends Arcade
AtGames and Zaccaria Pinball has come to a new agreement that will bring their pinball titles over to the Legends Arcade The plan will be to incorporate several of their games into the machines so that players will be able to play digitalized versions of their games as part of the library of pinball titles[...]
Guns N’ Roses Now Has A New Pinball Game On The Market
The rock band Guns N' Roses has had a lot of merch tied to its brand over the years, including a couple of pinball machines at different times Jersey Jack Pinball revealed today that they have a brand new pinball cabinet dedicated to the band called Guns N' Roses "Not In This Lifetime" This is[...]
AtGames Partners With TAITO TO Create Virtual Pinball Tables
AtGames and TAITO revealed this week that the two have formed a new partnership to make a line of virtual pinball tables The two companies made the announcement this morning, but aside from the quotes you see below, there's not a lot of info on how big this partnership will go or what specific IPs[...]
Stern Pinball's new TMNT Machine Will Make You Say 'Cowabunga'!
Stern Pinball has announced their newest TMNT machine today — and this time it features our favorite turtles in a half-shell Based on the popular Nickelodeon animated series (which is based on the iconic comic book series), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming (back) to the pinball world! This brand new machine from Stern[...]
Pinball, as a Card Game! Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade
When you think of pinball, you likely think of big machines, flippers, and those beautiful playfields that take your little silver ball on an adventure Pinball is without a doubt my favorite thing ever, as the game is celebrated daily in my own home Can't afford a full machine? Maybe you don't have the room[...]
Stern Pinball Has A Few New Ways For You To Play!
Pinball is one of the great American past times I've talked about pinball extensively here for years Right now I have no plans to stop the fun while I help flatten the curve while staying at home And Stern Pinball has no plans to stop the fun either! Credit: PRNewsfoto/Stern Pinball, Inc. Earlier I spoke with Zach[...]
Elvira's House of Horrors from Stern is spooktacular!
Elvira and pinball go hand in hand In fact, the famous horror host has had three to date! Her first, Elvira and the Party Monsters was released by Midway Games in October of 1989 The second, Elvira Scared Stiff, dropped September of 1996 — and also from Midway For her next machine, Stern Pinball has[...]
Stern's new Stranger Things pinball will take users into the upside down
Stern Pinball is ready to take players into The Upside Down with their new Stranger Things pinball machine Pinball fans across the internet have been speculating as to what Stern's newest machine is going to be, and finally we have our answer. Experience the terrifying forces in Hawkins, Indiana that turn this small town "upside down"[...]
Look Morty! I'm a pinball machine! Pinball Rick!
At long last Rick and Morty has a pinball machine Spooky Pinball's newest creation has certainly caused a stir in the pinball world So much so, that the machine sold out within a few hours of pre-sales going live This was a first for Spooky — and likely in pinball history The pin comes in[...]
He came from the depths of the pinball lagoon!
The 1992 pinball machine celebrates his legacy. The 1954 black and white horror film came late compared to Universal's other notorious monsters such as Dracula and Frankenstein Yet he quickly became one of the most iconic monsters ever put to film Collectors can find their fair share of Creature merchandise still to this day! But nothing[...]
Deadpool is Coming to a Pinball Machine Near You
No, it's not the plot of a mini-series written by Cullen Bunn! Deadpool is getting his own pinball machine, courtesy of Stern Pinball, and as revealed in a press release Wednesday. A press release contains the finer details on this potentially life-changing (for someone) event: Stern Pinball, Inc., a global lifestyle brand based on the iconic and[...]
crab towne usa pinball
My idea of a fun Sunday afternoon tends to involve beer and pinball — and Crab Towne USA in Glen Burnie, Maryland, is there for those exact reasons. Crab Towne features some pretty damn good food We indulged in some crab balls, fries, and drinks, and everything was satisfying The crab balls were a welcomed surprise[...]