Hood: Outlaws & Legends Brings The Holidays To Season 2

Focus Entertainment has revealed the plans for Season 2 of Hood: Outlaws & Legends as things get a little more festive these days. Like almost every other game is doing, the devs at Sumo Digital have put together a fun holiday-themed season simply titled "Yuel". And as you may suspect, it's going to add a few things to the game that you would see in certain times of the year, like more snowy weather complete with frost on the ground, and not just in the maps with mountains. You'll also be seeing a number of new costumes pop up that will help make you a little more stealthy to the guards and give you some advantages against other players when fighting against a team. Not to mention a bunch of stuff you can go collect through new bonus events in which there's plenty to find on the ground and pick up. You can read the finer details below and check out the latest trailer for the game showing it off.

Auto Draft
Credit: Focus Entertainment

Gold Rush introduces an entirely new dynamic of gameplay to Hood: Outlaws & Legends. In this PvPvE game mode, you'll compete against another Outlaw team to gather the most gold by exploring, assassinating guards and players, and stealing from chests. Any gold stolen must be returned to a controlled spawn point to be counted, but be careful – carrying too much gold will weigh you down and make you run slower, making you an easier target. Choose your tactics: hunt as a pack, or split up to cover more ground and minimize potential losses.

Season 2: Yule brings another massive collection of cosmetics for players to earn, as well. Complete heists and quests to earn XP to progress through the Battle Pass, unlocking over 100 new outfits, weapon skins, and banner packs for stealing in style.

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