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The Walk Closer Error In Pokémon GO Is Getting To Be… A Lot

A strange new glitch in Pokémon GO is preventing Pokémon trainers from getting into raid lobbies on time. Here is how to identify this odd error and what you can do to help yourself once you see it.

Logo of Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Logo of Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Picture this. You're at home, taking care of some household errands while casually running an Incense in Pokémon GO. You receive an invite to a raid from a friend who lives in another state. Sure, you think, I'd love to take out some aggression by tapping on a huge Pokémon until it throws back its head in agony and shrinks. You click to join the raid. Instead of the normal sequence of events, where you are invited to spend a blue Remote Raid Pass, your orange Free Daily Raid Pass comes up. Odd. When you click to pass, as if to use it… it, of course, doesn't work. You try to click it again, hoping that Pokémon GO will realize that you obviously can't be three states away… you're right here, at home. Nope, same thing. Orange pass, no entry. You try again, again, and by the time you're done, the invite has expired and you're a broken-hearted, non-raiding, orange pass having trainer.

Basically, it's a glitch where Pokémon GO thinks you're AT the remote raid in person, but realizes that you're not just in time to make sure you don't get in. It has been annoying the community at large all week.

There is no real way to avoid this or to anticipate it that has been observed as of yet, but there is a quick way to potentially join that raid. It depends on how much time was on the counter when you clicked in. When you get the invite and go to click in, make sure you look to see if your pass is orange or blue. If your pass is orange, you are experiencing the glitch and will not be allowed in… unless you restart.

As soon as you see the orange pass, make sure you do not click to enter. Instead, immediately restart the game. The restart process on Pokémon GO, often ten seconds or less. Once you have restarted, if there is still time on the raid counter, you will be able to click in and get into the raid without experiencing the glitch.

My hope is that Niantic fixes this just in time for this article to be useless. I'd much rather report to you that there are no glitches and everything is great! I love Pokémon GO and want to see everyone enjoying it as much as I do, and this kind of thing does indeed foster frustration. One thing I want to leave you with, though, is that as much as Niantic does have to work on to improve this game, I feel that they have historically addressed glitches like this quite fast. Something like this happens as a result of the code being updated, so the hopeful and curious part of me wonders… could such a mistake come as a result of them tinkering with the idea of the Free Daily Pass becoming a Remote Pass? I don't know, but I'd like to hope so!

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