Hood: Outlaws & Legends Shows Off Eight Minutes Of Gameplay

Focus Home Interactive has released a new video today for Hood: Outlaws & Legends, as we get a better look at the gameplay. This particular video shows off eight minutes' worth of gameplay as we're getting the most extensive look into the game yet that isn't just a character vignette. It comes complete with developer commentary as you are given a rundown of how the game will work from matchmaking to character selection to planning and eventually the action when the two teams meet up and try to beat the other to the punch. It makes for a good time and it's quite interesting to see the strategy play out in the video as you can see all the possibilities. Enjoy the video as the game will be released on May 10th for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

How will your team seize the day in Hood: Outlaws & Legends? Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.
How will your team seize the day in Hood: Outlaws & Legends? Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.

Stealth is your best way of gathering enough information about enemy positions, the vault location and map layout to plan and execute your heist. Beware! If any enemy spots you, your character becomes outlined in red, revealing your position to the opposing team and the rest of the guards. Charging in mindlessly can be fatal, unless creating a diversion was your plan all along. Use stealth to move around undetected, distract or assassinate guards, steal keys, retrieve treasures and, most importantly, choose when and where your team enters open combat. In this Commented Gameplay video, discover how each character can be customized with specific perks to emphasize certain playstyles. For instance, you can equip the Ranger with special melee and burst damage perks to make your way to high ground and cover your team from afar. Although known for his support abilities, you can equip the Mystic with a fast movement perk, slipping past guards to steal keys and silently unlock doors for your team.

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