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Interview: B. Dave Walters Chats Foul Play's Murder Mystery Events

We chat with the always awesome B. Dave Walters about his recent work with Foul Play and their Murder Mystery shows as of late.

A few weeks ago, the interactive murder mystery series Foul Play kicked off, running an interactive show once a week for several weeks where you try to uncover the murderer. The series has seen success online as thousands have tuned in to watch actors play out a new story in real-time, with the ability to switch between scenes at their leisure and attempt to solve what's been going on. This evening at 6pm PT, you'll see the latest episode, called The Dark Curse of Savion Sunguard, which has a bit of a mythical twist as you'll deal with wizards, goblins, and magical items. Today we're chatting with the always awesome B. Dave Walters, who took part in helping write the episodes, to talk about his experience being a part of it.

Interview: B. Dave Walters Chats Foul Play's Murder Mystery Events
Image provided courtesy of TBD Theatricals

BG: Hey B. Dave! How have you been since we last chatted?

BDW: Same as always, Gavin: Trying to take over the world!

Aside from what we're chatting about today, what projects have you been working on lately that you're most proud of?

I'm the lead designer on Into the Mother Lands, an Afrocentric, non-colonial TTRPG. We've recently announced our new publishing partnership with Green Ronin, and I'm excited for our project to see the light of day!

So how did you first find out about Foul Play?

The truly excellent Andrew Barth Feldman was familiar with my work and reached out to me. I was, of course, instantly on board.

Interview: B. Dave Walters Chats Foul Play's Murder Mystery Events
Credit: TBD Theatricals

What was the most appealing aspect of it that made you want to join?

Every time I do a project, I try to advance the medium of streaming somehow. Do something different; push the limits. The fact that Foul Play was going to be something NEW jumped out at me most of all. And of course, with the talent attached I knew it had a real chance of succeeding.

What did you think about the content when you first got it and the role you'd be playing?

When I came on board, there was no content, just an idea. Brennan Lee Mulligan, Arti Gollapudi, Andrew, and I (with Cerina Shippey keeping us on task) brought the whole thing to life together.

What was the process like in filming it and working with everyone to make sure it all made sense?

I wasn't really there for the filming aspect of it, unfortunately, but from what I understand, the performers were told what their characters wanted, or knew-up to and including if they were the killer-and beyond that, it was all real-time improv.

Interview: B. Dave Walters Chats Foul Play's Murder Mystery Events
Credit: TBD Theatricals

What did you think of it after it was released and everyone got a chance to watch it?

I was absolutely amazed. It's always a mindfreak when you give guidelines to an artist, and they bring your vision to life, but this was different. Characters and situations we created together came to life with a depth and complexity I couldn't have imagined. Some of the casting took those characters in fantastic new directions I never could have imagined!

What's the reception been like since it aired?

Everyone I know who's seen it has loved it as much as I have, and I hope that keeps going through all five episodes and beyond!

Any other thoughts on the project as a whole and how things went?

I've been blessed to be a part of a few history-making firsts in my time, and I think Foul Play is going to go down as one of them. This format is so intricate and immersive with tons of rewatchability; I just can't wait to see what comes next! Also, everything Andrew Barth Feldman says and does is correct.

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