J Balvin Joins The Fortnite Icon Series This Week

The latest person to be added to the Icon Series of Fortnite avatars and content is J Balvin, who makes his way into the game this week. As you might suspect from previous entrants, you're getting a whole nine yards of additions with a glider, multiple skins, a katana for an axe, and even a dance emote. We got the rundown of everything being added to the game on August 24th as well as some of the events you can take part in to celebrate the addition.

A look at the J Balvin content in Fortnite, courtesy of Epic Games.
A look at the J Balvin content in Fortnite, courtesy of Epic Games.

Players are able to purchase the items of the Set individually or as part of the J Balvin Bundle. In addition to the default Style, the J Balvin Outfit comes with the fierce Energia Balvin Style and the Fortnitemares throwback Skeleton Balvin Style. Also, carry a blade of color with the Real Back Bling, unsheathe it as the Real Pickaxe, and surf in the sky colorfully with the Balvin Cruiser Glider. The Emote we mentioned? If you like partying spontaneously, you can pick up the In Da Party Emote, with music from "In Da Getto" by J Balvin and Skrillex.

Fortnite J Balvin Cup

Unlock the J Balvin Outfit and Real Back Bling/Pickaxe ahead of their Item Shop release! Happening August 24 is the J Balvin Cup, a Duos tournament in which players have the chance to win the Outfit + Back Bling/Pickaxe before they hit the Item Shop. Join your Duos partner and earn as many points as you can in your region's three-hour time window! Players can compete in a maximum of ten matches, and each region's specific timing can be found in the Compete tab in-game. As usual, players must have 2FA enabled on their Epic account and be at account level 30 or above before competing. Players can find the full tournament rules at the J Balvin Cup official rules page.

You're Invited To A Fiesta!

From August 26 to September 9, keep the party going with "La Fiesta," a J Balvin-inspired experience made by community member Iscariote! (Also: Iscariote's J Balvin-inspired "La Familia" experience will be re-featured from August 24 to August 31). Take a look at a preview of La Fiesta below!

"It feels incredible to be part of the Fortnite Icon Series. Being in a video game… that's the kind of thing kids dream about. It's amazing. I love Fortnite and I had so much fun performing my Fortnitemares show last year. I hope my fans enjoy the J Balvin drip and moves as much as I did creating them with the Fortnite team," stated J Balvin. 

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