Konami Reveals They Will Not Be A Part Of E3 2021

As E3 2021 is slowly shaping up, we're learning more about who will be there and who won't. The latest to join the won't list is Konami. A few weeks ago when the organization made mention of all of the people involved, Konami was on the list of participants who would be bringing content to the digital format of the online event. But of course, no one really had an idea of what the company was going to bring to the table this year, as there have been rumors online of everything from a retro games collection to yet another attempt at another Silent Hill game. All of it with little to no merit. However, it looks like the rumor won't matter much because we won't be seeing anything.

Credit: Konami
Credit: Konami

A couple of days ago, Konami took to Twitter to post this brief message about their involvement with E3. Turns out, they won't be attending the convention after all as they are still in the process of developing games and won't have anything ready in time for the show. Or at least, not enough to show off when the event rolls around.

E3, to their credit, responded publically in a supporting way. Which you don't see them do too often, so kudos to whoever they have running social media at the moment for the outreach and the Con Air reference.

Now we're all for conspiracy theories, so yeah, we're absolutely happy to see all of the hardcore fanboys freak out on social media about how they think this is all just a ploy to get people talking about E3 and that Konami will actually be there. That's all in good fun because if they're right, that's a hell of a marketing scheme, and if they're wrong, then they gave E3 a bunch of free promotions. We'll see either way in mid-June, but honestly, we're trusting Konami won't be there for this one.

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