Latest Rumors Suggest The Next WWE 2K Games Is Canceled

In case you were looking forward to seeing WWE 2K21 this year, you might be out of luck as the latest rumors suggest WWE 2K has been canceled. First off, let's talk about the obvious in that WWE 2K20 was terrible. The game, which went out to few reviewers for what is now painfully obvious reasons, turned out to be broken beyond belief. It wasn't unplayable as there are many parts of the game you can get through without issue. But when high-profile people like Funhaus are making compilation clips of how badly the game is structured, you pretty much know the next one down the road is going to get retooled. One of the biggest problems with the game, according to insider knowledge, is that 2K Games parted ways with the original development company Yuke's (who had been working on the series for years) and went with one of their own companies in Visual Concepts to developed this one.

It sounds like we may not be seeing a WWE 2K game this year.
It sounds like we may not be seeing a WWE 2K game this year.

Now it sounds like that company won't even get a chance to redeem themselves (or mess up again) in the near future. According to Justin Leeper, an actor who works in video games and has been doing his own WWE 2K20 analysis run on YouTube, announced today that he has insider knowledge that the next WWE 2K title has been canceled by 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive. The news shouldn't sound all that shocking as when a game with this kind of branding and licensing fail this hard, there's bound to be a clean-up period to get their house in order to make a better game. The problem here is there's been no word or confirmation from anyone involved that it's canceled yet. On the same note, we've heard nothing from 2K that they're planning to have WWE 2K21 on the calendar this year. In all honesty, it's probably for the best they take a year off rather than rehash a system they clearly broke and try to fix it under a deadline. We've sent emails to 2K Games for confirmation, and we'll keep an eye out to see if there's any truth to it.

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