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Scuf Revealed Their Refresh Of The NBA 2K League Collection

Scuf Revealed Their Refresh Of The NBA 2K League Collection

Scuf released new images and prices this week for a new line of gaming controllers created for their NBA 2K League Collection. If you're not familiar with this line, these controllers are specifically designed for every esports team tied to a real NBA team as part of the league. As you can see examples here […]

Civilization VI Frontier Pass

Civilization VI Is Free On The Epic Games Store, Crossplay With Steam

The new DLC pack for Sid Meier's Civilization VI dropped today, and it came with a surprise not mentioned in the patch notes or promotional materials. Users who logged into Civ 6 today after installing the DLC pack or updating to the latest patch found themselves greeted with a new multiplayer mode called "Internet (Unified PC […]

PGA TOUR® 2K21 Cover Athlete Justin Thomas and WWE Superstar The Miz

Justin Thomas & The Miz Talk Shop About PGA Tour 2K21

2K Games are pulling out some favors to promote their next game as PGA Tour 2K21 is getting some promotional help from the WWE. This week the company released a video showing off The Miz chatting with the game's cover athlete Justin Thomas, as they chat a bit about golf and the game in general. […]

PGA Tour 2K21 Main Art

PGA Tour 2K21 Will Get A Worldwide Release On August 21st

2K Games steps into the world of golf as they take a figurative swing with PGA Tour 2K21, slated to be released on August 21st, 2020. The game features pro-golfer Justin Thomas as the cover athlete for this game, which was developed by HB Studios, the studio behind The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour. So yes, 2K […]

The Mafia trilogy is getting a series of remasters with more info coming next week.

Mafia: Trilogy Remasters Teased For Full Reveal Next Week

The Mafia series is making its triumphant return in the coming days with a new remaster for current-get consoles. Publisher 2K Games and developer Hangar 13 just announced the upcoming Mafia: Trilogy with a short teaser trailer showing off the three protagonists across each game and a date: May 19th, 2020. On May 19th, we […]

Civilization VI Frontier Pass

Civilization VI Is Getting A New Frontier Pass This Month

Firaxis Games announced today that they would be giving Civilization VI a brand new Frontier Pass with tons of content on the way. The announcement was made by the devs in the video you see below, detailing how the pack would work out as you'll be getting content until March 2021. We have the complete […]

Mafia could be making a comeback, if its Twitter account is any indication.

The Official Mafia Twitter Account Comes Back To Life After Two Years

It looks like there could potentially be a new Mafia title in the works, if a new post to the official Mafia Twitter account is any indication. On May 10, the morning of Mother's Day, the account whirred to life with one simple word: "Family." This new post could indicate that the Definitive Edition of […]

WWE 2K20 Side View

2K Games Kinda Apologizes To WWE 2K20 Fans With A Promotion

2K Games sent out a letter to their WWE 2K fans to sorta apologize for WWE 2K20, while simultaneously plugging a brand new game. You can read the full letter below as the company spends the first couple of paragraphs distracting you from the bad by promoting a new game for you to buy in […]

XCOM 2 will be free to play for the next week.

You Can Now Play XCOM 2 For Free Over the Next Week

Are you looking forward to playing XCOM: Chimera Squad but don't have any experience with the series? That's no problem. Jump into XCOM 2 for the next six days for free, and that should give you an edge, at least when it comes to figuring out how to play strategically. The sequel to XCOM: Enemy […]

"WWE 2K20"

WWE Confirmed There Will Be No WWE 2K Game This Year

Good news or bad news today, depending on the kind of WWE fan you are right now, as there will be no WWE 2K game this year. If you haven't been following the news lately, being a fan of the company, in general, is getting harder each passing day. First by forcing talent to work […]

WWE 2K Generic Logo

Latest Rumors Suggest The Next WWE 2K Games Is Canceled

In case you were looking forward to seeing WWE 2K21 this year, you might be out of luck as the latest rumors suggest WWE 2K has been canceled. First off, let's talk about the obvious in that WWE 2K20 was terrible. The game, which went out to few reviewers for what is now painfully obvious […]


"Borderlands 3" Did Well, But Its Employees Aren't Getting Bonuses

Borderlands 3 may have done exceedingly well in terms of sales when it launched last fall, but that doesn't mean the employees that brought it to life were able to benefit from its popularity. Publisher 2K Games previously described the game as a "billion-dollar global brand," and employees were set to benefit from this. Gearbox […]

NBA Players Will Play The Rest Of The 2020 Season... On "NBA 2K20"

NBA Players Will Play The Rest Of The 2020 Season… On "NBA 2K20"

In what is a truly modernized move, several NBA players announced over the past few days they'll play the remaining games of the season on NBA 2K20. The whole ordeal got started when the Phoenix Suns took to their Twitter account to announce that their players would get together online and play out the rest […]

"Borderlands 3" and More Removed From GeForce Now

"Borderlands 3" and More Removed From GeForce Now

2K Games is the latest publisher to begin pulling its games from GeForce Now. This time, the entire 2K Games lineup has been removed from the selection of GeForce Now's library. That includes Borderlands 3 and several other popular titles. Nvidia took to its official forums to confirm the action, though also noted that it […]

"Borderlands 3" Gets A Steam Release Date & More DLC

"Borderlands 3" Gets A Steam Release Date & More DLC

During PAX East 2020, Gearbox Publishing revealed more details on Borderlands 3's upcoming DLC next month, as well as what's on the way in 2020. First off, the Steam version of the game will be dropping on March 13th, for those of you who want this PC version. What's more, it will have crossplay with […]

The New "BioShock" Game Will Take A Number Of Years To Create

The New "BioShock" Game Will Take A Number Of Years To Create

In the latest round of "obvious news we could have told you anyway" it looks like the next BioShock game won't be happening in the near future. Ever since Take-Two Interactive and 2K Games announced that the new studio Cloud Chamber would be making a new game, everyone has been wondering when it will be […]

"WWE 2K20" Gets A New Patch & Southpaw Wrestling DLC

"WWE 2K20" Gets A New Patch & Southpaw Wrestling DLC

While WWE 2K20 has had a ton of issues that are still being addressed and felt, the game just got a new patch trying to correct many of them. You can read the full patch notes here, but that's isn't the most important part of the latest update. The developers have added new Southpaw Wrestling […]

2K Games Will Shut Down "NBA 2K18" Servers This Month

Those of you who are still playing NBA 2K18 won't be doing it for much longer online, as 2K Games will be shutting down the servers. The official date for the servers to come down will be January 18th, 2020. Meaning you have less than two weeks to do whatever you want to do with […]

"WWE 2K20" Apparently Crashes In The Year 2020

WWE 2K20 has had its fair share of embarrassing problems since it was released, but the latest may be the icing on the cake for bad games. Apparently, as the new year ticked over for us last night, the game started suffering major crashes for players across the globe. Turns out, the game cannot function […]