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LEGO 2K Drive Reveals Drive Pass Season 1 Contents
2K Games have finally revealed details for the seasonal LEGO 2K Drive content as they showed off what's to come in Drive Pass Season 1 And they're kicking that content off with something awesome as they have added some additions from the Fast & Furious franchise, as you'll be getting two iconic cars used in[...]
Auto Draft
2K Games has dropped the third DLC pack for WWE 2K23 this week, featuring the legendary multi-time world champion Harley Race The Hall of Famer has been added in The Race to NXT Pack, which you can download right now as an individual purchase or as part of the seasonal pass You're primarily getting Race,[...]
NBA 2K23 Season 7: Realize Your Potential Launched Today
2K Games has launched the latest season of NBA 2K23, as players can start playing Season 7: Realize Your Potential, featuring Josh Giddey from the Oklahoma City Thunder As usual, you get some fun new additions to all of the usual areas, as well as some new content revolving around the playoffs and the NBA[...]
We Got A Chance To Preview & Have Fun With LEGO 2K Drive
2K Games dropped new info today about the incoming content for LEGO 2K Drive, as they revealed what's to come for Seasonal Passes and content The plan appears to have at least a year's worth of content in the works, both free and paid for, as they will introduce a season pass with four seasons'[...]
We Got A Chance To Preview & Have Fun With LEGO 2K Drive
2K Games has launched another episode of the Awesome News Network as we get a better idea of what the story will be like in LEGO 2K Drive In case all of the episodes and our preview didn't tip you off, the game has a story mode going for it in which you will build[...]
Marvel's Midnight Suns Reveals Blood Storm DLC
2K Games and Marvel Entertainment revealed their latest addition coming to Marvel's Midnight Suns as the game will be released for Xbox One and PS4 with some new DLC One of the most powerful mutants in the entire Marvel universe will be making her way into the game with the new DLC they're calling Blood[...]
We Got A Chance To Preview & Have Fun With LEGO 2K Drive
2K Games have released a new video for LEGO 2K Drive today as we have the fifth episode of the Awesome News Network to show off a new aspect This particular video takes a look at The Garage, which allows you to build whatever car design you have in mind using the LEGO bricks they[...]
We Got A Chance To Preview & Have Fun With LEGO 2K Drive
One of the cooler games revealed to come out this year has been LEGO 2K Drive, as 2K Games and The LEGO Group have teamed up to create a unique racing title This was our first introduction to the game, weeks before it was officially announced to the public 2K brought us out to their[...]
LEGO & 2K Games Announce New Racing Title LEGO 2K Drive
2K Games, Visual Concepts, and The LEGO Group have released a brand new video for LEGO 2K Drive, as we got a new episode from the Awesome News Network This time around, they give us a better look at some of the challenges you can take on that have nothing to do with racing All[...]
Barstool Sports Crew Available To Play In PGA Tour 2K23
Because what fun would it be just to do well? We got more details of the season below as the challenge runs through the end of today. Credit: 2K Games Defeating your PGA TOUR rivals in MyCAREER is always rewarding, but challenging other players around the world and proving you're the best offers a different level of[...]
NBA 2K23 Reveals Details To Season Six Launching April 7th
2K Games has dropped new details to Season Six of NBA 2K23, coming to the game this week as it launches on April 7th The season will bring about new additions and changes to the game, with new content and rewards being added to MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and The W This season will also include six[...]
LEGO & 2K Games Announce LEGO 2K Drive
2K Games and The LEGO Group have come together to create a new racing title with a twist as they revealed LEGO 2K Drive Developed by Visual Concepts, this game takes everything you know and love from racing games and gives them the LEGO spin, with all of the parody and humor you would expect[...]
Marvel's Midnight Suns Releases All-New Morbius DLC
2K Games and Marvel Entertainment have released new DLC content for Marvel's Midnight Suns as The Hunger DLC brings Morbius to the game Everyone's favorite weirdly mutated vampire from the Spider-Man universe comes in with a world of fury, looking to make a major difference in how you manage to work as a team in[...]
WWE 2K23 Reveals Improvement To MyFaction Mode
2K Games revealed another set of improvements coming to WWE 2K23, as they unveiled the details of what you'll be able to do in MyFaction this time around If you're not familiar with this mode, this is basically a collectible card game within the primary game, as a little bit of an offshoot so you[...]
WWE 2K23 Reveals MyGM Mode On UpUpDownDown
WWE and 2K Games partnered up to have UpUpDownDown reveal the new changes for MyGM mode in the upcoming release of WWE 2K23 As they do every year, the team has made tweaks, adjustments, and new additions to the mode, as you'll be managing superstars on your particular show, from drafting a roster all the[...]
WWE 2K23 Reveals Post-Launch Content Plans With DLC Roster
2K Games revealed their plans for content coming to WWE 2K23, as they will be adding several DLC superstars to the game over time It shouldn't come as a surprise that the team is planning to have a bunch of content released over the next few months to include people who either didn't make the[...]
WWE 2K23 Releases New Trailer Featuring Bad Bunny
2K Games released a new trailer this morning for WWE 2K23, as they show off one of the non-wrestler additions to the game with Bad Bunny And yes, we do say that even though he's performed at a WrestleMania before because he's primarily a musician and not a full-time professional wrestler Bad Bunny is being[...]
John Cena Announced As WWE 2K23 Cover Athlete
2K Games and WWE held a special livestream earlier this week in which they revealed the complete roster ratings for WWE 2K23 The video aired live on Xavier Woods/Austin Creed's gaming channel, Up Up Down Down, where they and a host of other WWE superstars went through and got the ratings for most active roster[...]
NBA 2K23 Reveals Season Five Content Launching This Friday
2K Games have revealed the new content coming to Season Five in NBA 2K23, which will be launching this Friday, February 24th As you can see from the artwork below, this season is going to Miami with a look and vibe to it that will add some flash and flare to the content Ever mode[...]
Civilization VI Releases New Rulers Of The Sahara Content Pack
2K Games has released a brand new content pack for the Civilization VI: Leader Pass as you can start playing Rulers Of The Sahara today Like previous packs, you're getting three specific rules, each with their own additional abilities to help your society This particular pack comes with Ramses (Egypt), Ptolemaic Cleopatra (Egypt), and King[...]
WWE 2K23 Reveals John Cena-Centric Career Mode
2K Games have revealed more about WWE 2K23 as there is an interesting version of career mode to play, as you get to explore John Cena's career The showcase called "Never Give Up" will have you taking on some of Cena's greatest challenges, from his debut where he took on Kurt Angle (seen below) all[...]
Marvel's Midnight Suns Will Add Venom On February 23rd
2K Games and Marvel Entertainment have released a new trailer and details to the next DLC for Marvel's Midnight Suns, as Vanom makes his presence known This is the second post-launch DLC for the game, which they are calling Redemption, as it features the monstrous symbiote charged up with new mythical powers that make him[...]
WWE 2K23 Reveals Full Roster Available At Launch
2K Games has released the full roster of playable superstars in WWE 2K23, with a number of additions for you to choose from, past and present With a few exceptions, the game basically has the entire roster to choose from on both Raw and Smackdown, as well as NXT, WWE Legends, and some oddities thrown[...]
PGA Tour 2K23 Releases Tony Finau’s Dream Course
2K Games and HB Studios have released a new gold course into PGA Tour 2K23, as you can now play what they're calling The Finau Fresh Country Club The course is being promoted as Tony Finau's dream course as it has been designed to mimic the looks and feel of Utah with some interesting settings[...]
WWE 2K23 Releases First Ringside Report Leading To Launch
2K Games released the first of what will probably be many Ringside Reports for WWE 2K23 before the game is released in March This specific report focuses on WarGames, specifically how the mechanics of the game work when you're setting up a match and the gameplay to follow, as it has unique changes that you[...]
Pebble Beach Has Officially Been Added To PGA Tour 2K23
2K Games has added one of the most famous golf courses to PGA Tour 2K23, as players can now take a swing at Pebble Beach The latest update to the game since the last patch (which we have notes for you below) brings out the famous California-based course for you to play on to coincide[...]
John Cena Announced As WWE 2K23 Cover Athlete
2K Games has given us a brand new gameplay trailer for WWE 2K23, as we get a slightly better look at a few things, including WarGames The latest trailer shows off action from a number of superstars, both past and present, as we're shown a variety of moments and matches, including the reveal of Hell[...]
John Cena Announced As WWE 2K23 Cover Athlete
2K Games revealed this morning that John Cena is going to be the cover athlete for the upcoming release of WWE 2K23 The news comes this morning after rumblings of a leaked Xbox cover showing Cena on the cover, which was later struck down on social media for a copyright strike That news was confirmed[...]
Deadpool Announced For Marvel Midnight Suns As DLC
2K Games has launched a new DLC today for Marvel's Midnight Suns, as Deadpool brings fourth wall chaos to the game This is basically a new character addition, and while that sounds simplistic on the surface, its anything but that You're getting someone who changes the dynamic of a lot of the game simply by[...]
Auto Draft
2K Games has announced a new season will be launched in NBA 2K23 on January 13th, as things will be heating up for 2023 Chicago Bulls' All-Star Zach LaVine takes center stage for this season, which will roll all the way through the NBA All-Star Game, set for February 19th The new content will include[...]