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NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Season 7 Launches On May 7th
2K Games announced today that Season 7 of NBA 2K21 MyTEAM will be kicking off on May 7th as things go Full Throttle The theme of this season is designed to match "the intensity of the conclusion of the NBA regular season", which is kind of an interesting way to put it when you got[...]
2K Games Announces WWE 2K22 During Wrestlemania 37
2K Games and WWE had a bit of a surprise during WrestleMania 37 this evening as they revealed that WWE 2K22 is on the way this year Technically it wasn't a huge shock as they kind of blew the surprise two days in advance on Twitter by letting people know they should tune in The[...]
Apple Arcade Receives NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition
2K Games and Apple Arcade announced this morning that NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition has officially launched on the mobile gaming platform In case you're wondering, no, it is not the fully maximized version of the game that you can play on PC and consoles, as that would be too big for a lot of devices[...]
NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Season 6 Starts Tomorrow With Glitched Reality
2K Games have revealed that MyTEAM Season 6 will kick off in NBA 2K21 tomorrow, this time with the theme Glitched Reality Not all is as it seems this time around as there are secret codes fans can discover to unlock all the Glitched Reality mysteries that have been added to this season It's kind[...]
Tiger Woods & 2K Games Have Signed Multi-Year Exclusive Deal
2K Games announced this morning they have signed a long-term multi-year exclusive deal with professional golfer Tiger Woods The terms of the deal were not revealed to the public, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that we're going to be seeing Woods' appear in the next incarnation of the PGA Tour 2K[...]
NBA 2K21 Receives Seventh Patch Update For Console
2K Games revealed details today about the seventh patch coming to the Xbox and PlayStation version of NBA 2K21 We have the full reveal of what's been changed below for you to read, but honestly, there's not a lot here Usually, when 2K issues a patch for a game like this, there's a lot going[...]
NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Unlimited $250K Championship Happening March 6th
2K Games revealed this morning that the NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Unlimited $250K Championship will be taking place over the NBA All-Star Weekend The two finalists of the third annual tourney will be competing against each other for the grand prize live on Saturday, March 6th at 3 pm PT on Twitch The event has done[...]
NBA 2K League Draft Will Take Place On March 13th
We have more details from the league has to how it will go below along with a quote from the league president about this year's viurtual draft. Credit: 2K Games All 23 teams will complete their six-person roster during the four-round draft.  Lakers Gaming will have the first overall pick, Pacers Gaming will have the second overall[...]
NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Season 5 Launches Today With "Age Of Heroes"
2K Games has launched Season 5 of NBA 2K21's MyTEAM with a brand new theme as they enter the Age Of Heroes The season will feature a special Modern Age vs Golden Age theme where alter egos of the NBA's greatest of the past and present will battle each other on the court Now you[...]
WWE 2K Battlegrounds Reveals DLC Content Through End Of March
2K Games revealed the next round of DLC characters coming to WWE 2K Battlegrounds, revealing everything coming to the end of March Yet again it seems like the focus will be primarily on Legends as the vast majority of them will be previous wrestlers A grand total of six wrestlers make up the current roster[...]
NBA 2K MyTeam Season Four Officially Launches
2K Games revealed today that NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season Four has officially kicked off with a number of additions and changes This season is being called "The Return", which is pretty fitting since we're starting fresh in the new year with a brand new Level 40 prize that is the Galaxy Opal Kawhi Leonard There's[...]
More Legends Will Be Added To WWE 2K Battlegrounds
2K Games has revealed the next round of DLC characters coming to WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which will include a lot more Legends The latest set of characters that will be coming to the game between December 23rd and January 20th will include Ric Flair, Sting, Razor Ramone, Diesel, Bret Hart, and Roddy Piper What's more,[...]
2K Games Pens New Deal With Kevin Durant For NBA 2K21 Mobile
2K Games announced a new partnership with NBA superstar Kevin Durant and Thirty Five Ventures revolving around NBA 2K Mobile Durant will be the icon athlete for Season 3 of the game, along with the plan for him and TFV to collaborate with 2K on future game development, exclusive content, in-game merch, and more opportunities[...]
NBA 2K21 Launches MyTeam Season 3 Today
2K Games launches Season 3 of MyTeam in NBA 2K21 today, and with it, they included a theme as this will be a Season Of Giving This season is going to be fun for anyone who loves Shaq as Shaquille O'Neal makes his presence known in a major way You'll be able to play as[...]
WWE 2K Battletgrounds' Next DLC Will Feature An NFL & NBA Athlete
2K Games will be sending out new DLC characters for WWE 2K Battlegrounds, but this one will feature two non-wrestlers The DLC c some come along as part of automatic updates for the game starting today and running weekly through December 16th The two non-wrestling athletes being added to the game are "Laheem" Lillard and[...]