It Looks Like Gwent is Getting a Draft Mode Pretty Soon

CD Projekt RED has teased that they are likely going to be releasing a draft mode for Gwent, at least if we're reading this newest teaser right.


Gwent has been ticking along nicely since it launched in Early Access. The free to play card game was spun out of The Witcher 3 and has been greatly improved and expanded. It has a pretty dedicated community who really do seem to enjoy the game. Having touched it here and there, it definitely offers something that Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone don't. It's a pretty unique little set of rules.

Well, it looks like the game is getting ready to expand too. CD Projekt RED is teasing some kind of new mode for the game and it looks like it is coming soon. The developer didn't come out and say exactly what it is, but it was heavily implied that it would be a new draft mode. Players have been seemingly asking for it a while, and it's referenced directly in this teaser video, so it would be cruel to have it be something else, right? Take a look:

We really don't have long to see whatever it is confirmed though. There is going to be a stream tonight to show off the mode, which will be taking place at 9PM CET. We will be sure to let you know what it is.

Whenever it does land, it should be a fun new addition to Gwent. Even if it is not draft mode, new content is new content, and it's unlikely to cost you anythin, one would imagine. For that there can be no complaints. Here's hoping.