Mini Golf Roguelike Golfie To Be Released In January

Yogscast Games and Triheart Studio announced this week that they finally have a proper release date for their upcoming game Golfie. The mini gold roguelike game has been out in Early Access on Steam for a few months now, giving players the chance to play as a sentient electronic ball through procedurally-generated levels, each of them getting increasingly difficult as you move on. You'll make your way through it by building a deck of crazy card abilities which you'll utilize on the green, all in an effort to spoil a good walk in the most ingenious way possible. The game will be released in full on January 19th, 2023, as we have more info on the game below.

Mini Golf Roguelike Golfie To Be Released In January
Credit: Yogscast Games

"Deckbuilding meets minigolf in Golfie – the only game in which you can power up and modify real-time golf shots by collecting and crafting a deck of cards. Each run requires strategy, planning, and skill. Build unique decks which can unlock incredible new ways to play, giving you the power to pull off some spectacular shots. Try to beat 18 holes from an unlimited supply of procedurally-generated levels in the single-player roguelike campaign. Shape the deck your way by collecting cards, and gain bonuses and abilities through special modifiers – all of which can combine to create truly unique shots.

Card powers can vary from increasing the distance or elevation of a standard shot, through to out-of-this-world abilities and power-ups, which can be combined to dazzling effect. But be careful: finish over par, and you'll lose some energy – and once it's totally depleted, the run is over. Daily runs, endless modes, and seeded runs mean you'll never run out of holes to play. Gain experience during each run to unlock an ever-increasing pool of cards and customization options, then return to the course with even more ways to play."

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