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Mini Golf Roguelike Golfie To Be Released In January
Yogscast Games and Triheart Studio announced this week that they finally have a proper release date for their upcoming game Golfie The mini gold roguelike game has been out in Early Access on Steam for a few months now, giving players the chance to play as a sentient electronic ball through procedurally-generated levels, each of[...]
Bots Are Stupid Confirmed For Release This November
Yogscast Games broke some quick news today that their upcoming gaming Bots Are Stupid has been pushed back to December for release Along with developer Leander Edler-Golla, they have made the call to push the official release date back to December 15th, 2022, issuing the quote below with their reasoning as they are looking to[...]
Beyond The Long Night
Yogscast Games and Noisy Head Games announced this past week that Beyond The Long Night will be released sometime in Q1 2023 This is a cute retro-looking platformer in which you will use balloons to explore the Dark Mountain, make a few new friends along the way, gain a helper, and venture on your quest[...]
Bots Are Stupid Confirmed For Release This November
In the meantime, enjoy the trailer, and the free demo you can play right now on Steam. Credit: Yogscast Games "Bots Are Stupid takes the 2D precision platformer genre and populates it with an infinite supply of stupid robots Use the game's simple programming language to teach them how to reach the exit, then watch as they[...]
Restauranting Roguelite PlateUp! Comes To Steam In Early August
Yogscast Games announced this week that they will be bringing their restauranting roguelite game PlateUp! to Steam next month If you haven't seen this one yet, this is a 1-4 player frantic serving game where you will be dealing with both a chaotic kitchen as well as restaurant management It will be up to you[...]
Yogscast Games Announces The Tiny Teams Festival
This week, Yogscast Games officially announced they would be holding a new event as the Tiny Teams Festival will take place in August The event, which will run from the 9th-15, will feature a selection of the newest, coolest, weirdest, and most fun games that have been created by smaller (or tiny) development teams of[...]