Monolith Games Reveals Details On New Batman Tabletop RPG

Monolith Games revealed new details for their next major release as they're preparing for a new tabletop RPG based on Batman. The game is called Batman Gotham City Chronicles: The Role-Playing Game, and it will be released sometime next year after the game received successful backing on Kickstarter. The team is currently working out the kinks and everything they have revealed, which they did so on Facebook over the weekend, is still a work-in-progress (as you'll see WIP logos on all the images they released below). But from the look of everything, this is going to be a pretty comprehensive Batman RPG title! We have info from the team below for you to read over, but we're giving you fair warning, there are SPOILERS below! So if you don't want to read about what will be in the book, turn around now.

Monolith Games Reveals Details On New Batman Tabletop RPG
Credit: Monolith Games

The role-playing game pays tribute to its main character: Gotham City, with its risks and challenges of varying intensity. Players can create their own characters as well as play as iconic figures:

  • Dive into the city's everyday life while confronting extraordinary situations as Gordon, Bullock, or Montoya.
  • Explore the shadows of Gotham City as highly-trained and gifted humans like Nightwing, Huntress, and the Riddler.
  • Confront situations that defy logic, using the varied, evolving powers of meta-humans like Black Canary, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, or Clayface.

We've created several books to accompany you along this journey to Gotham City. Heroes of Gotham is an introduction to the universe, with all the rules and tips to create and bring to life the game's characters and scenarios. The Gotham Chronicles is a collection of a dozen turnkey scenarios that bring exciting and intense adventures to your table! The Gotham Guide is a love story to the city! It takes you deep into the heart of its neighborhoods and secrets, a must for those who want to dig deep and gather everything they'll need to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and make the story theirs. You will find here some excerpts/Work in Progress for each of the books, as well as a character sheet template used for the GCPD characters. They are not all available in English, as we are still in the intensive phase of translations and proofreading.

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