Mundaun Will Launch On Nintendo Switch This April

Hidden Fields and publisher MWM Interactive revealed that they will launch their upcoming game Mundaun on the Nintendo Switch. The game has already been scheduled to release on every other console and PC on March 16th, but the Switch version will take a little longer as the developers are aiming to have it out in April. As you can read below, they want to make sure every aspect of the game transfers over well to the portable console. We'll see in time if it holds up to the other versions, but for now, its cool everyone will get a shot at playing the game.

You'll soon be able to experience all these frozen shades of gray on the Switch. Courtesy of MWM Interactive.
You'll soon be able to experience all these frozen shades of gray on the Switch. Courtesy of MWM Interactive.

"We want to take the proper time to ensure that every facet of Mundaun's vibrant hand-penciled world is properly brought to life on the Nintendo Switch, so will be taking just a few extra weeks to perfect it," said Hidden Fields founder and sole developer Michel Ziegler. "It has been an incredible journey working on the game and I look forward to delivering the best version of the game to all players this spring.

Mundaun is a lovingly hand-pencilled survival horror tale that follows a young man named Curdin who travels to a dark, secluded valley of the Alps to learn more about the mysterious circumstances behind his grandfather's death. Along the way, he discovers that something diabolical is haunting the town's residents and begins a journey to discover Mundaun's secrets. Throughout their journey, players will solve intricate puzzles and learn more about the town, while avoiding sinister characters that trigger the game's fear system, a "cause-and-effect" feature which disorients players when facing dangerous situations. Mundaun has been a passion project for Ziegler since beginning development on the game independently in 2014, with all of the game's characters and environments hand-penciled by Ziegler himself. Having spent summers in the Swiss Alps as a child, Ziegler has an adoration for the region, including the culture and its various folktales passed down for generations.

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