NBA 2K19 Releases a New "Broadcast Trailer" With Some Notable Voices

The latest trailer for NBA 2K19 puts a few familiar voices behind the mic calling commentary on the games that you'll be playing. The trailer isn't long and doesn't go too far in-depth over what and how much you'll be hearing from everyone, but two returning names to the broadcast booth will be Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett, while Bill Simmons will make his official debut in the game. We get a little bit of time with Bryant and Garnett to show that they're back, but not much else after the introduction, while Simmons takes on most of the video for his opinion on certain players.

credit//2K Games

Its an interesting trailer to throw out there was as a way to get people to buy NBA 2K19. I'm pretty confident there are very few people looking at the pre-order button wondering whether or not the commentary will be good, especially when in a lot of sports games, it's very hit-or-miss depending on who you're playing as and how well you're doing. But it is an interesting poly to get people to believe that they went all out to get some of the best and most famous names they could to offer color commentary to your experience.

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