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NBA 2K22
2K Games will launch the latest season of NBA 2K22 as Season 4 features Dwyane Wade and Candace Parker as you "Hunt 4 Glory" This season hypes up more of the competition aspect as you'll be seeing new challenges and more across MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and The W modes, along with an entirely new volume of[...]
American Express Teams With NBA 2K22 For New Experience Locale
American Express has teamed up with NBA 2K22 to create a brand new physical location experience for you to check out this week From December 10th-12th in downtown Los Angeles, you can head over to the American Express x NBA 2K22 Experience, located a short walk away from the Staples Center The concept of the[...]
NBA 2K22 Reveals Details To Season Three: Iced Out
2K Games revealed new info this morning about their next season for NBA 2K22, as players will experience Season Three: Iced Out This season bring in an all-new Clutch Time mode in MyTEAM for you to experiment with, along with new music added to the soundtrack in partnership with Def Jam Recordings for you to[...]
NBA 2K22 Releases First Updated Rankings For Players
We're only a couple of weeks into the NBA season and already, 2K Games has updated player rankings for everyone in NBA 2K22 The developers are making sure that everything in their world stays as accurate as possible to how players in the real-world NBA are doing, which means success and powerful stats are rewarded[...]
NBA 2K22 Partners With Totino's For MyTEAM Giveaways
2K Games has partnered with Totino's to hold a special giveaway with NBA 2K22 where you can get a bunch of MyTEAM content As you may have already guessed, on several different products they have included special codes that you can take to their website and redeem for items within the game The biggest get[...]
NBA 2K22 Will Launch Season 2 On October 22nd
NBA 2K22 has revealed Season 2 will launch on October 22nd, with the Michael Jordan-centric theme which they're calling "Build Your Empire" This season will bring about new content across MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and The W, along with a special partnership with Columbia Records as you make an effort to become the next Jordan This means[...]
NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition Announces As Apple Arcade Exclusive
2K Games will be bringing NBA 2K22 to Apple Arcade as they are releasing the exclusive NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition coming next week The game will officially launch on October 19th featuring an all-new mode called The Association, in which you get to be the GM or Head Coach of your favorite NBA franchise and[...]
The Next Big Character Coming To NBA 2K22 Is... Jake From State Farm?
2K Games will be adding a brand new character to NBA 2K22 as players will have the chance to interact with… Jake from State Farm? Yes, you read that correctly In a new partnership where State farm is basically getting a brand deal within the game, the actor who plays Jake will be inserted into[...]
NBA 2K22
2K Games revealed that those players who buy NBA 2K22 on the PS5 or Xbox Series X have some very special options for them in MyTeam In the latest Courtside Report, the team detailed some of the changes that have been added for next-gen consoles, which include a more robust MyStaff system, new conditional coaching[...]
NBA 2K22 Reveals More Info About The City & MyCareer
2K Games revealed more details in their latest NBA 2K22 Courtside Report about both MyCareer as well as The City within the game As you might suspect this time around, there are a whole new set of challenges, rewards, original quest-driven narrative, cutscenes, and vibe within the city that make this a totally different experience[...]
NBA 2K22 Cover Star Luka Dončić Adds Two Courts To His Hometown
Luka Dončić along with 2K Foundations has installed two new basketball courts into his hometown ahead of NBA 2K22's release The two courts were added to Ljubljana, Slovenia in one of their public parks, complete with his current team colors from Dallas, as they will be made available for the local community to use[...]
2K Games Drops New Info On MyTEAM In NBA 2K22
2K Games has revealed a little bit more info for NBA 2K22 as we now have an idea of how MyTEAM will function this time around In the latest Courtside Report, we now know the game will come with a brand new multiplayer mode, a MyTEAM Draft, and they'll be holding an upcoming $250k MyTEAM[...]
NBA 2K22 Adds Every NBA Public Announcer To The Game
2K Games is adding a bit more realism to the mix of NBA 2K22 as they have gone the extra mile for fans of every single team's home court Whenever you attend an NBA game, over the sound system you always hear a home announcer giving you the play-by-play as well as other announcements throughout[...]
2K Games Gives A First Look At NBA 2K22
2K Games has released its latest Courtside Report for NBA 2K22, going over many of the new gameplay innovations they have added The biggest thing on the list which we're sure will draw some ire from people will be the Defensive AI, which it appears they have buffed up a bit on both sides of[...]
2K Games Names Candace Parker As An NBA 2K22 Cover Athlete
2K Games released a new Courtside Report today for NBA 2K22 going more in-depth on the WNBA additions and next-gen console plans The WNBA mode, which will be called "The W", will introduce an all-new badge progression system and experience, along with three playable off-day experiences where you experience life beyond the court, as well[...]