Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the Chicago Bulls is the subject of The Last Dance, courtesy of ESPN.

Michael Jordan and His Chicago Bulls Save The Last Dance for Sunday

Starting this Sunday, the sports network's 10-part documentary series The Last Dance finally takes to the floor to examine Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ mission to lock down a sixth NBA Championship in 1998 The docu-series kicks off on Sunday, April 19, with the first two episodes (moved up due to growing demand) For the[...]

COD WARZONE NBA NHL April 2020 schedule

NBA & NHL Stars Compete In Call Of Duty: Warzone Today

A special live stream is happening today at 3pm ET as NBA and NHL stars will compete against each other in Call Of Duty: Warzone Across several YouTube channels, you can catch multiple games today between teams as they compete for glory in a "Warstream" In a bit of social distancing and a bit of[...]


Lebron James Takes his Shot with Medicom MAFEX Figure

If your trying to build up your NBA collection or just a major fan of Lebron James then this figure is for you. The MAFEX Lebron James Figure from Medicom is priced at roughly $89 He makes his way to the court in August 2020 and pre-orders are not live just yet but you will be[...]

NBA Players Will Play The Rest Of The 2020 Season... On "NBA 2K20"

NBA Players Will Play The Rest Of The 2020 Season… On "NBA 2K20"

In what is a truly modernized move, several NBA players announced over the past few days they'll play the remaining games of the season on NBA 2K20 The whole ordeal got started when the Phoenix Suns took to their Twitter account to announce that their players would get together online and play out the rest[...]

NHL Suspends Remainder of Season Over Coronavirus Concern

This follows the NBA suspending its season last night and the NCAA conference tournaments also canceling games today MLB is supposed to begin their season in two weeks, and that looks to be in jeopardy as well Their statement can be found below.[caption id="attachment_1145728" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: EA Sports[/caption]“The NHL has been attempting to follow[...]

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New York Toy Fair: 60 Pics From the Super7 Booth

New properties like Nightmare Before Christmas, NBA, Jem and the Holograms, and even the Munsters are on the way, along with Back to the Future 2 and more Universal Monsters Music releases include Lemmy, a Rancid figure, and out of nowhere an Agnostic Front figure New Papa figures from Ghost, and their first forays into[...]

NBA & NBPA Partners With Nifty Games For A Mobile Game

NBA & NBPA Partners With Nifty Games For A Mobile Game

It looks like the NBA will be making an effort to make their own mobile title as they and the NBPA have partnered with Nifty Games All parties involved released the news this week but didn't really go into detail as to the finer details All we really know is they will be working together[...]

Funko ECCC 2020 Reveals - NBA, College, and Trolls

Funko ECCC 2020 Reveals – NBA, College Mascots, and Trolls

So stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for where to find your favorite upcoming exclusive collectibles.Go Flock Yourself!ECCC 2020 Reveals: Pop! College - University of Washington!ECCC 2020 Reveals: Pop! NBA - Shawn Kemp!ECCC 2020 Reveals: Pop! Classic Trolls! Funko is still bringing out more reveals for the upcoming Emerald City Comic Con that takes place[...]

Kobe Bryant, NBA Icon, Has Passed Away at Age 41

Kobe is survived by his wife Vanessa, and his children Natalia, Bianka, and Capri.[caption id="attachment_1153143" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Debby Wong /[/caption]Entering the NBA right out of High School in 1996, the "Black Mamba"became the youngest player in NBA history He forced a trade to the Los Angelous Lakers and spent the next 20 years piling[...]

"PUBG Mobile" Offers Curry & Antetokounmpo A Competition Invitation

Earlier this week, the two NBA stars were caught talking to each other, and some suspected Curry was tampering Curry was forced to respond by letting people know he just wanted to get in a game with Giannis so the two could play duos and "do some damage" The folks at PUBG Corp caught wind[...]

Funko Pop Sports Get New College Mascots and NBA Players

Funko Pop Sports Get New College Mascots and NBA Players

We are getting a nice set of college mascot Funko Pop‘s as well as a nice set of NBA Pops The first stop we will be getting up four new college football mascot Pop characters The home team is up first for all you Ohio fans out there as the Buckeyes famous mascot Brutus gets[...]


Gamevil Announces "NBA Now" For Mobile, Launching Today

A big day for mobile releases as Gamevil has launched a brand new NBA title onto iOS and Android as fans can play NBA Now today The game puts you in the role of General Manager of one of the NBA teams, giving you the chance to customize your roster and take them to a[...]

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"NBA 2K20" Officially Introduces The WNBA Additions To The Game

2K Games has released new information and a special trailer on the WNBA additions to NBA 2K20 that will be coming out this year The company released a brand new blog entry that goes over the entire planning and addition of the league to the game Along with an announcement with some quotes, which we[...]

"NBA 2K20" Releases New Info On System Improvements

2K Games released a new blog entry this week talking about some of the system improvements they made to NBA 2K20 and what you need to look for We have some of the key ones we got a kick out of for you below as you can see they've upgraded some key systems Especially working[...]

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"NBA 2K20" Will Be Getting A Free Demo In Mid-August

2K Sports announced earlier today that they're giving players a chance to check out NBA 2K20 completely free with a demo coming in mid-August The developers made the announcement on social media today, letting them know they'll be able to try it out on all three consoles before the game is officially released to the[...]

VidCon & Nike Announce the Nike Sport Court For The Event

VidCon & Nike Announce The Nike Sport Court For The Event

As part of VidCon's 10th anniversary, Nike will be bringing in the Nike Sport Court to the Anaheim Convention Center, along with some big names. Along with the announcement this morning, we learned that Gabby Douglas, Dashawn Jordan, and Giannis Antetokounmpo will be there from July 10th-13th. It's a pretty cool addition to the convention […]

Anthony Davis & Dwyane Wade Unveiled As "NBA 2K20" Cover Athletes

Anthony Davis & Dwyane Wade Unveiled As "NBA 2K20" Cover Athletes

2K Games and Visual Concepts have revealed the NBA 2K20 cover athletes for the various versions this morning, and they are Anthony Davis and Dwyane Wade Both men are fine choices as they will be put on different covers when the game is released on September 6th, 2019 Davis will be taking the standard edition[...]

"NBA 2K19" Players Are Mad Over Unskippable Ads Within The Game

There's a new controversy with NBA 2K19 players, and it has nothing to do with the gameplay and everything to do with advertisements The game has already received year-round criticism from people complaining about the fact that pretty much every aspect of the game has some form of microtransaction tied to it Meaning the content[...]