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NBA 2K23 & American Express Partner On NYC Lab In December
NBA 2K23 and American Express have partnered up again to hold another lab this December, this time in New York City This is a follow-up to their successful lab that the two held together in Los Angeles back in 2022, as they will invite fans in to take part in a special experience with NBA[...]
NBA 2K23 Announces Details For Season 3 Content
2K Games dropped some new details to Season 3 of NBA 2K23, as players will be feeling the winter chill over the next several weeks This season is going to come with new holiday options in several modes, as well as adding a few new tracks to the 2K Beats area, new cards added into[...]
NBA 2K23 Heads Into The Wild West For Season 2
2K Games have released details for the latest season of NBA 2K23, as they're taking the game into the Wild West as part of Season 2 Along with new additions and changes to several modes, we get a touch of Halloween added to the mix, 20 new music tracks added to the game, new Dreamville[...]
NBA Now 23 Has Released A New Season This Week
Com2uS has released a brand new season into NBA Now 23, as the mobile game has been given a couple of new additions and changes Some of the major changes top the game is the inclusion of the new Prism Grade as it will change the way you end up leveling up players, the MVP[...]
NBA 2K Mobile Launches Season 5 With Several Additions
2K Games has revealed a brand new season arriving in NBA 2K Mobile as Season 5 will launch with some new content In case you've never played the mobile version of the game, this one operates a little differently from the ongoing series as they tend to stretch seasons out for a longer period of[...]
Starting Lineup Is Back With Eight NBA Stars, Preorders Live
NBA stars will kick off the line, eight in all: LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, Jayson Tatum, Ja Morant, Joel Embiid and Trae Young. Each will come with a flight stand, two extra pairs of hands, a trading card, and an NFT for some reason Each will also be fully authentic, right down to[...]
NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition Announced For Apple Arcade
2K Games announced that they will be releasing NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition exclusively for Apple Arcade this October This will be a variation of the primary game that came out this week, as you will have a few different options to play with in single-player modes However, it won't be as robust since it is[...]
NBA 2K23 Will Bring Back The City As Part Of Single-Player Experience
For those of you wondering if The City setting would be coming back in NBA 2K23, worry no longer; it is confirmed to be returning 2K Games revealed in a brand new trailer and in their latest Courtside Report that they would bring back the central location for all things single-player, which will include improvements,[...]
NBA 2K23 Reveals New
2K Games revealed more details about MyTeam options in NBA 2K23, including a brand new way to play with three-player co-op The latest Courtside Report delves into many of the new features you'll encounter with this year's version, including the fact they're holding a $250k tournament, added new prestige tiers, a trophy case, single-player modes,[...]
NBA 2K23 Will Have You Reliving Michael Jordan's Legacy
2K Games has revealed more content that will be in NBA 2K23 as you will be reliving the highlights of Michael Jordan's legacy The team revealed their latest Courtside Report today, going over the Jordan Challenge, as you will go through the iconic career of the six-time champion From his last moments with the North[...]
NBA 2K23 Reveals New Game Improvements On The Way
2K Games announced several improvements they will be implementing into NBA 2K23 when the game comes out this Fall A lot of what the developers decided to work on came directly from community feedback, and not just from the previous entry it seems, as some of these appear to address issues that have been in[...]
Devin Booker Revealed As NBA 2K23 Cover Athlete
2K Games finally revealed their primary cover athlete for NBA 2K23 as Devin Booker from the Phoenix Suns will grace this year's entry After a week of showing off Michael Jordan on the special editions and Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird for the WNBA edition, we now see the final artwork for the Standard and[...]
Sue Bird & Diana Taurasi To Star On NBA 2K23 WNBA Edition Cover
2K Games revealed the cover athletes for the WNBA Edition of NBA 2K23 as Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi take center stage This version of the game will be sold exclusively at GameStop in the United States and Canada, as this will be the second cover in NBA 2K franchise history to celebrate WNBA athletes[...]
Michael Jordan Will Be The NBA 2K23 Special Edition Cover Athlete
Love him or hate him, the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan, has been named the cover athlete for the special editions of NBA 2K23 Much like they've done in the past with fellow NBA greats like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Shaquille O'Neal, the team will be releasing a pair of special editions dedicated[...]
Shaquille O'Neal Takes Center Court In NBA 2K22 Season 8
2K Games has revealed the latest content for Season 8 coming to NBA 2K22, as Shaquille O'Neal becomes the focus of the season Launching on Friday, July 1st, you'll be chasing glory down the legendary career of Shaq over the next six weeks, watching his rise from one of the biggest men in the game[...]
Niantic Merges Basketball & the Metaverse in NBA: All World
Niantic Labs, the mobile game company behind Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom, has announced a new partnership with the NBA This partnership will see Niantic develop a new augmented reality game that merges basketball gameplay with the metaverse Let's get into the details of NBA All-World. NBA All-World press conference screengrab[...]
NBA 2K22 Reveals Details To Season 7: Return Of Heroes
2K Games dropped new info today about the next season of NBA 2K22 as Season 7: Return of Heroes will come out this Friday This season is designed to build off the fan-favorite version from last year as they focus on a new era of NBA greats such as Joel Embiid You'll also see the[...]
Rec Room Partners With The NBA For New Virtual Content
Rec Room announced today that they have partnered up with the NBA to have a new set of virtual experiences during the 2022 Playoffs Starting today, the VR experience will be getting a brand new basketball court, all the team's logos on a ton of designs, and some new game modes that will entertain you[...]
NBA 2K22 Has Revealed Plans For Season Six Content
2K Games has revealed all of the content coming to NBA 2K22's Season Six, which they are calling Zero Gravity, set to drop this week This season will have you staking your own claim in The City and the Cancha Del Mar by competing against players from around the world This time you'll be competing in[...]
NBA 2K & Karl-Anthony Towns Unveil Restored Minneapolis B-Ball Court
2K Foundations along with NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns and Mobil 1 have unveiled a newly refurbished NBA 2K basketball court in Minneapolis This is the latest basketball court to essentially be totally redesigned for a local community tied to a basketball team, as the Sojourner Truth Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota has been given a massive[...]
NBA 2K22 Reveals Season Five Content Called "Power Within"
2K Games revealed the next season's worth of content coming to NBA 2K22 as Season Five will bring a different energy with "Power Within" The company dropped a ton of info in the latest Courtside Report, as we're getting a bit of anime added to both The City and Cancha Del Mar You'll be able[...]
Funko Fair 2022 Day 3 Round-Up - WWE, MLB, NBA, and Marvel
NBA fans were also presented with some pretty sweet reveals as Funko's Pop Albums is back but with a new sports twist Featuring a brand new design trading card and iconic SLAM covers are coming to life featuring the player with their cover or card Marvel did get some new reveals as well with the[...]
Epic Games has partnered with the NBA for another event as they are celebrating All-Star Weekend in Fortnite with some new additions For the first time in the game's history, players can now vote for which NBA celebration they would like to see transformed into a future emote that will become a permanent fixture What's[...]
Michelob Ultra & NBA Jam Partner For NBA All-Star 2022
Anheuser-Busch has announced a new partnership with their Michelob Ultra brand and the classic arcade title NBA Jam for NBA All-Star Weekend The two parties will be in Cleveland over the weekend celebrating the upcoming game with their own special events happening from February 18th-20th, as they'll be taking over the Harry Buffalo location (2120[...]
NBA 2K22
2K Games will launch the latest season of NBA 2K22 as Season 4 features Dwyane Wade and Candace Parker as you "Hunt 4 Glory" This season hypes up more of the competition aspect as you'll be seeing new challenges and more across MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and The W modes, along with an entirely new volume of[...]
American Express Teams With NBA 2K22 For New Experience Locale
American Express has teamed up with NBA 2K22 to create a brand new physical location experience for you to check out this week From December 10th-12th in downtown Los Angeles, you can head over to the American Express x NBA 2K22 Experience, located a short walk away from the Staples Center The concept of the[...]
NBA 2K22 Reveals Details To Season Three: Iced Out
2K Games revealed new info this morning about their next season for NBA 2K22, as players will experience Season Three: Iced Out This season bring in an all-new Clutch Time mode in MyTEAM for you to experiment with, along with new music added to the soundtrack in partnership with Def Jam Recordings for you to[...]
NBA 2K22 Releases First Updated Rankings For Players
We're only a couple of weeks into the NBA season and already, 2K Games has updated player rankings for everyone in NBA 2K22 The developers are making sure that everything in their world stays as accurate as possible to how players in the real-world NBA are doing, which means success and powerful stats are rewarded[...]
NBA 2K22 Partners With Totino's For MyTEAM Giveaways
2K Games has partnered with Totino's to hold a special giveaway with NBA 2K22 where you can get a bunch of MyTEAM content As you may have already guessed, on several different products they have included special codes that you can take to their website and redeem for items within the game The biggest get[...]
NBA 2K22 Will Launch Season 2 On October 22nd
NBA 2K22 has revealed Season 2 will launch on October 22nd, with the Michael Jordan-centric theme which they're calling "Build Your Empire" This season will bring about new content across MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and The W, along with a special partnership with Columbia Records as you make an effort to become the next Jordan This means[...]