More News & Rumors Being Leaked Online About The 'Mario + Rabbids' Game

A couple different websites like Nintendo World Report, Gematsu and are saying they're getting info from "sources at Ubisoft" about the new Nintendo Switch game on the way called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. No one is really citing anyone specifically, so it's hard to decide whether to take these rumors at face value or if it's just wishful thinking, but here's some tidbits we've learned from everyone over the weekend and you can decide what you'd like to believe before we see an announcement, most likely at E3.


Work on the game has apparently been happening for three years after Ubisoft approached Nintendo with the idea, which they greenlit. The game was originally slated for the Wii U while being built in the Paris and Milan divisions of Ubisoft. Nintendo has been overseeing the project and anything in development has required their approval. No reason was given for the push to the Switch. The game was originally supped to debut back in January during the giant Switch presentation, but Nintendo wanted a better-looking product, possibly for E3.

Each of the eight characters has different personalities and skills that they develop over time, working like an RPG. Mario can target an enemy automatically and Peach can inflate enemies. The entire campaign is set to take about 20 hours, with an online mode being setup for co-op ability and arena battles. At one point there was a battle against a Donkey Kong rabbid, where you had to cut off his access to bananas that helped him regain health.  When you beat him, the Prach rabbid takes out a cell phone and snaps a selfie. …Okay.

Finally, there are apparently amiibos being setup for the game, but nothing is concrete about this area beyond prototypes being developed. That all sounds mighty cool, but in reality, we won't know much until we see a formal announcement, most likely in a couple weeks at E3.


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