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The Super Mario Bros. Movie: New Trailer and Images Are Released
The Super Mario Bros Movie from Nintendo and Illumination has raked in more than a billion dollars during its box-office run, and now the film has quickly managed to hit digital platforms – suggesting that the colorful adaptation of a classic video game is ready to live on as a new childhood favorite for many[...]
PDP Reveals Spring 2023 Collection Of Gaming Accessories
They've also added a number of Nintendo Switch items for both Super Mario Bros and The Legend Of Zelda, as they gear up for the new game on the way and bank off the movie out in theaters We have images and a rundown of everything revealed below. Credit: PDP Afterglow Wave Wired Controller for Xbox Take your[...]
New Poster For The Super Mario Bros. Movie Features Rainbow Road
Nintendo obviously knew what they were doing when they committed to creating their recent film, The Super Mario Bros Movie, because even with mixed reviews so far, it's absolutely dominating at the box office But in order to make this bold new era for the Mario IP feel possible, there needed to be a few[...]
New Poster For The Super Mario Bros. Movie Is Released
The Nintendo and Illumination production, The Super Mario Bros Movie, just hit theaters, which made a massive impact by becoming the most profitable opening weekend for an animated film ever And with competition like Toy Story and Frozen, it's safe to say the companies have a complete hit on their hands! Now, after making major moves[...]
The Super Mario Bros. Movie: New Trailer and Images Are
Princess Peach has always been a pivotal character when you look at the array of Mario titles throughout its long-running video game franchise From the trope of being a damsel in distress in the first Super Mario Bros game to becoming a recurring favorite in the action-heavy Super Smash Bros or even Mario Kart, she's[...]
New Poster For The Super Mario Bros. Movie Features Rainbow Road
Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal Pictures' upcoming release The Super Mario Bros Movie is still days away from its theatrical debut, with plenty of positive reviews already pouring in regarding the outcome of an ambitious adaptation of a classic IP And with a (currently unknown) budget that's likely to have cost the collection of companies a[...]
The Super Mario Bros. Movie: New Trailer and Images Are Released
The beloved Mario universe is and always will be a hit with fans of all ages Courtesy of its timeless nature, Nintendo has remained a true gaming staple throughout its history, with the expansive Mario IP serving as a catalyst for endless releases, spinoff titles, merchandise, and more — plus, they happen to be some[...]
The Super Mario Bros. Movie: New Trailer and Images Are
We're a little less than a month away from the highly anticipated theatrical release of The Super Mario Bros Movie, which is very likely gearing up to be a massive title for Nintendo and the beloved Mario IP As of now, we're already confirmed to meet Mario, Luigi, Toda, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and[...]
Nintendo Reveals Full List Of MAR10 Day Plans For March 2023
Nintendo revealed several items the company will be throwing out to the public in celebration of MAR10, the somewhat holiday for Super Mario Bros On or around March 10th, 2023, fans and players will be able to get in on a number of activities, items, and contests to mark the occasion Including a special Nintendo[...]
Princess Peach Comes to LEGO With New Super Mario Expansion Set 
Just like Mario and Luigi, this interactive figure will be able to earn digital coins, power-ups, and interact with all of the already releases courses LEGO  is not just releasing Princess Peach by herself with her own Expansion Set with Peach's Castle that features stained glass design, Bob-bomb painting, Goomba cake, and so much more[...]
Rare Super Mario Bros. 3 Demo For PC Uncovered At Museum Of Play
Have you ever gone rummaging through an old box in your attic and discovered something that was so valuable it shouldn't have been left there in the first place? Well, that's what happened recently to one museum cataloger in Rochester, New York, according to one local news source. Kirsten Feigel, a cataloger for the Strong Museum[...]
Super Mario 64 Game Sells On Auction For $1.56 Million At Heritage
Their recent auction of a Wata-9.8 A++ graded copy of Super Mario 64 has sold for $1.56 million to an anonymous bidder This positively obliterates the previous record for the price of a sold video game, set by Heritage Auctions just two days prior. The front of the sealed copy of Super Mario 64 that just recently[...]
A New Mario Golf Game May Be On The Way For Nintendo Switch
Some things I hope are touched on in the five episodes: Virtual Boy, why the Wii U failed, foreign versions of games, why Mario doesn't talk, and so much more This is seriously a dream come true for us fans, and this may be the definitive documentary on them Look for it to debut on[...]
A New Mario Golf Game May Be On The Way For Nintendo Switch
If you believe the latest rumors, it looks like the Nintendo Switch is getting a new Mario Golf game next year It's kind of a surprise we haven't seen a proper Mario Golf game on the console yet Don't get us wrong, having Mario Tennis Aces was awesome and even though it was a rehash,[...]
Build Your Own Super Mario Bros. Level with LEGO
LEGO continues to expand its growing LEGO Super Mario series with more additional levels This time LEGO is releasing the Master Your Adventure Maker Set, which lets fans and collectors create their own Super Mario Bros levels Using the special customization machine that is included with the maker set, fans can now change how LEGO[...]
Five Missing Titles From The Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary
While we think its super awesome Nintendo is celebrating Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary, there appears to be some missing pieces Now don't get us wrong, we're not here to bash on Nintendo today Mario fans should be ecstatic over the announcements that came out However, that being said, Nintendo showed off this little image[...]
Nintendo Drops New Direct Video For Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary
Nintendo dropped a Mario bombshell on everyone today as we have details on the 35th Anniversary of the Super Mario Bros franchise There was a lot to unpack from today's announcements, as we have the full list from Nintendo themselves below The shorthand is that the rumors were true on a 3D package as Super[...]
Super Mario Takes on Bowser's Castle with New LEGO Set
Super Mario is back with another LEGO Expansion set This time Mario is ready for the boss battle with Bowser The set will be 1010 pieces and will include Bowser, Dry Bones, and Boo characters The LEGO expansion set has plenty of features to keep collectors entertained like towers and bridges with rotating and shaking[...]
Protect yourself and others with this awesome Mario face mask.
That's why the Japanese company Sanei Boeki has taken the liberty of releasing fun masks that people will want to wear, namely this fun Mario-centric piece that looks just like Mario's nose and mustache. Protect yourself and others with this awesome Mario face mask Credit: Sanei Boeki. The Mario mask, which is available for preorder right now[...]
Reports indicate there may be a series of remastered Mario games on their way to the Nintendo Switch, if the rumors swirling around happen to be true Nintendo is said to be bringing games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy to the Nintendo Switch as a series of remastered titles[...]
LEGO "Super Mario" Set May Revolutionize Tabletop Gaming
In a world where sickness has taken center stage and isolationism has risen to an all-time high, video games have become the main source of escape for gamers looking for their fix of fun. Source: LEGO However, on the opposite end of this spectrum, tabletop gaming is undergoing what I'd like to call a silent revolution, through[...]
LEGO Is Leveling up as They Tease Super Mario Project
Well this time, it looks like LEGO is about to level up as they tease Super Mario! That is right, on Twitter today we were greeted with a simple video of an interesting Mario LEGO mini figure While we do not get the full picture, we do get the idea of what could be in[...]
The Mario Kaizo Community Is Looking To Fund A Documentary
A member of the Mario Kaizo community is looking to help make a documentary about it and their fundraising efforts, and they need your help Dustoftheground has launched an Indiegogo account to help fund the film, which will tell the history of Kaizo, the rise in popularity, highlight the community that exists and all of[...]
Dr. Donkey Kong and Dr. Diddy Long Are Coming to "Dr. Mario World"
Mario World is getting a pair of new doctors that you need to meet. Starting tomorrow, you can welcome Dr Donkey Kong and Dr Diddy Kong to the game The official Dr Mario World Twitter account made the announcement First was Donkey Kong. "Blue: "It seems that new doctors will be making their appearance at 3 AM[...]
"Mario Kart Tour" Laps Other Apps As Nintendo's Most-Downloaded Mobile Game Ever
Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo's latest mobile game release, and it's doing quite well for itself. The iOS and Android title racked up a whopping 90 million downloads in its first week alone That makes it Nintendo's biggest smartphone launch ever Mario Kart Tour stands atop the list, over Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp at 14.3 million downloads and[...]
Review: S.H. Figuarts & Bandai's Super Mario Figures
Figuarts and Bandai released a set of Super Mario figures from Nintendo The companies have released a few different sets of the toys, and we got what is essentially a starter kit for the entire line in the mail for review. Credit: Gavin Sheehan So to start things off, we have Mario This is a fully poseable[...]
"Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020" Adds Dream Events
SEGA revealed this week that they will be adding in some new dream events to their upcoming game Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 The three events will be Dream Shooting, Dream Karate, and Dream Racing Essentially, these are imaginary games that they would hope to have in the Olympics someday if[...]
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The basic Nano Gauntlet is also hitting stores again. #gallery-3 { margin: auto; } #gallery-3 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-3 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-3 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ The new Super Mario Kart Hot Wheels are hitting Walmarts, and we found six of them Luigi eluded us, but all of them look amazing. Jurassic World[...]
High End Mario and Yoshi Statue Coming in 2020 From First 4 Figures
Mario and his best pal Yoshi have a pretty cool statue coming…kinda soon from First 4 Figures The $500 statue stands at 19 inches tall and is made of resin It features Mario and Yoshi in their familiar pose with the plumber on his back They are posed on a familiar grass covered stone platform[...]