The 'Overwatch' Loot Box Issue: Is It Fair?

There's been a lot of buzz over the distribution of the loot inside the Loot Boxes from Overwatch ever since the company had to disclose the probability amounts to the Chinese government. (Keep in mind, those are the amounts for China, who knows what it is in other countries.) Metabomb were the first to get their hands on the info, if you'd like to check it out.


Now, those of us at Bleeding Cool who also play the game have our own opinions on the boxes to begin with. I can personally attest that during the entire Uprising event, I didn't receive a single new skin, and instead received a lot of duplicate spraypaints and player icons. But that's me personally — I know others got everything they wanted while also getting screwed over during the Holiday event, which I actually got a lot of skins from.

The Chinese government holds game makers accountable to make sure their content isn't cheating the fans, and have actually restricted games that cheat people or force them to use real currency to get what they want if the game's system is too rigged for anyone to purchase anything in a moderate amount of time with earned in-game currency. Meanwhile, unless someone manages to hack Blizzard's system, we don't know anything about how our system is set up. A quick look at their own forums and Reddit feeds will show you people believe the North American system is probably unfair.


So we're posing the question to you, our readers who play Overwatch. Do you believe the Loot Box system is fair? Do you believe we get an equal chance of items like the Chinese system, or do you believe our system is slightly skewered toward duplicates and less favorable items? Tell us in the comments section.

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