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The ESRB has announced a new change in policy with ratings as they will now point out in-game purchases such as loot boxes The company made the reveal this morning, stating that they had started assigning the In-Game Purchases and Users Interact notices to games The goal os the "In-Game Purchases Interactive Element" informs parents and other[...]
It appears the era of loot boxes may be coming to a close within the next few years, and England has a new report on them tied to gambling The report published by Claire Murdoch, the mental health director of England's National Health Service did a study on the subject and said that the transactions[...]
Epic Games is Getting Sued Over Fortnite Llama Loot Boxes
A parent of an underaged Fortnite player has sued Epic Games in California this week over the original llama loot boxes, claiming they were unfair and deceptive The Verge broke the news and has the complete court document if you'd like to read it, but the short version is that the mother claims the original[...]
EA Stops Selling FIFA Points in Belgium Due to Loot Box Decision
Electronic Arts just joined a growing list of companies who are forced to take loot boxes and microtransactions off the market in Belgium The company issued a statement this week confirming that FIFA Points will be removed from FIFA 19 in the country, however, they will continue to remain a part of the game everywhere[...]
You Can Now See Fortnite: Save the World Loot Box Contents Before Purchase
It looks like Epic Games is letting you see exactly what you're purchasing in Fortnite loot boxes, but only in a specific mode that isn't the most popular version When the next update rolls around for the game (7.3.0), the developers are going to allow you to see exactly what's inside every llama you could[...]
The latest country to put loot boxes and microtransactions on blast and question their existence this week is Australia The Australian Senate Environment and Communications References Committee delivered a report looking into loot boxes called "Gaming micro-transactions for chance-based items", which did an in-depth study into the issue and their findings are less than promising toward[...]
Halo: Infinite
A little bit of good news coming from 343 Industries, sort of, as it has been confirmed the company will not be adding cash loot boxes in Halo: Infinite In a bit of a thread on Twitter, Studio Head FPS at 343 Industries Chris Lee confirmed that the company will not be adding any form[...]
Today, Blizzard issued a statement on its forums letting people know that loot boxes have been disabled for two games in Belgium Specifically for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm Following the trend that Valve first started with CS:GO a few weeks ago, the company is following the local law after they had been considered gambling[...]
New CS:GO Update Stops Loot Boxes from Being Opened in Netherlands, Belgium
When last we spoke about the judgment about loot boxes around the world, The Netherlands and Belgium decided to classify them as gambling This led Valve to shut down their system in both those countries until they could find a solution The solution they came up with: eliminate the ability to open them. The latest update to[...]
ESA President Defends Loot Boxes and Warns Against Government Intervention
The president of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), Michael Gallagher, has defended the practice of offering loot boxes in video games during his address at the Nordic games Conference According to GamesIndustry.biz, Gallagher warned that efforts to regulate them as a form of gambling "challenges our industry's freedom to innovate, and impairs our ability to continuously[...]
It didn't take long after The Netherlands made their own ruling that loot boxes were a form of gambling for other European countries to explore the matter and make their own decisions Today, Belguim just made one that could be the start of a lengthy legal process in their country for both sides Eurogamer is[...]
A report is coming out of The Netherlands today, following an investigation over ten unnamed video games by the Netherlands Gaming Authority, that had determined that certain loot boxes are unlawful and illegal under the government's current gambling laws We have a snippet from the official report below, but the short version is that some (not all)[...]
Prior to Cards Unbound, players would unlock the stat cards through randomized loot boxes or through crafting With Cards Unbound, the cards would be made available to all players The trouble came with the new card levelling system To level up a card, players would need to collect several duplicates to fuse into a higher[...]
CD Projekt Red Admits To Not Liking Loot Boxes Themselves
If you're not a fan of loot boxes, don't sweat it, because there are people within the gaming industry who don't like them either In an interview with PC Gamer, CD Projekt Red's CEO Adam Kiciński opened up about how he feels about loot boxes, saying that when you buy a game it should be the[...]