Pac-Man Waka Waka Is First Voice-Activated Title In The Series

Doppio has released a new Pac-Man title this month called Pac-Man Waka Waka, which is a voice-activated title for Amazon. Another title added to the 40th Anniversary celebrations, the game hooks up to one of several devices that uses Alexa as the main voice recognition software, including Amazon Fire if you wish to play it on a bigger television. All you have to do is speak a specific word to going in one of four directions, and guide yourself out four moves at a time while picking up fruit and avoiding the ghosts. You can check out gameplay footage of it below along with more info and screenshots of how to play, as the game is out now.

Can you guide Pac-Man through this maze using just your voice? Courtesy of Doppio.
Can you guide Pac-Man through this maze using just your voice? Courtesy of Doppio.

PAL, the Pac-Assistant and Liaison in the Land of Pac-Man, helps out PAC-denizens in their day to day just like Alexa does to you. Peace was disrupted when the Ghosts stole PAL's voice powers, and it's up to You and Pac-Man to help him recover them! Join forces in this new electrifying adventure, speak Pac-Man's native language (Yes, we do mean "waka waka", "wiki wiki", "waki waki" and "wika wika"!) to move through the mazes and find them and bring them back! Each power will be in a voice assistant-themed world. Can you find them all?

  • Speak Wakanese with Pac-Man – Say "Waka", "wiki", "wika" and "waki" to tell Pac-Man which way he should go!
  • Explore wondrous and different Worlds, each with 15 mazes for you to help Pac-Man complete. New Worlds are added in every regular content update!
  • Experience classic arcade action with Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde – all with a new voice-controlled twist.
  • Collect classic Power Pellets and discover the new Frenzy Mode, along with all the new mechanics each World has to reveal.
  • Complete objectives to earn stars and stack up an epic high score on each level!

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